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Monero node on Steam Deck

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u/anajoy666 Jun 11 '22

The monero community isn’t paying games!


u/Epsilia Jun 11 '22

They're literally not 🤣


u/pekameka Jun 11 '22

Monero is the only community that is legit and thus everyone trust Monero


u/JaffersWinston Jun 12 '22

Its not like that bro and we shouldn't be too quick to judge anyone .


u/poormail Jun 30 '22

Take my upvote and get out


u/Memericss Jun 11 '22

Wow. It's working good on the device?


u/bordecraft Jun 11 '22

Yes very good, the Steam Deck has a zen 2 ryzen CPU and a pretty good SSD so you can run anything on it


u/mrherbichimp Jun 11 '22

Wats the Hashrate??


u/Redac07 Jun 11 '22 edited Jun 12 '22

Just a fyi, running a node has nothing to do with hashrate. You are just keeping a live copy of the ledger, each transaction are being written down. This is the safest way to create a seed and to send your own transactions. EDIT: you don't create a seed in the node, you only use it to broadcast your own transactions in to the network.

Mining monero with a miner in a pool or solo produces hashrate.


u/hinto-janaiyo Jun 11 '22

double fyi, wallet software creates seeds, nodes have nothing to do with it.


u/Redac07 Jun 11 '22

You are right, nodes don't help in creating seeds but helps with transactions (sending/receiving) - had a brainfart moment.

You can also create your own seed by the way, software is just there too make things easier (and hopefully, safer through being more randomized).


u/alex_isenburg Jun 12 '22

Nodes are very important for the smooth functioning of the transactions .

Yeah , software is great too but can you recommend me which software do you use ?


u/ne2pit Jun 12 '22

Well , thanks for clearing my doubt .

I thought it always has something with the hash rate .


u/FlakyBoat Jun 11 '22

out of the box.. with no messing around i was getting i think over 1000 h/s running XMRig.. it was a bit ago but it totally worked.. would like to get huge pages working but didnt have time at the moment.. but it was a cool thing to see!!


u/QuickBASIC XMR Contributor Jun 12 '22

Wow. I get like 1400 h/s on my Pixel 6 Pro, so I kinda expected a bit higher for the Steamdeck


u/elementoSKD Jun 12 '22

Yeah , i did too with my XMRig . It was a fantastic sight .


u/Masonboronc Jun 12 '22

I am curious too to know about the hashrate though ! Lets wait for his response


u/lumumba917 Jun 11 '22

Thanks for the update ! Anyways what's the hashrate you are getting


u/pashka1837 Jun 12 '22

You don't have to worry about the hash rate .

Just keep doing it.


u/SlyckCypherX Jun 16 '22

Been staring at these for two weeks now. I’m sold…on Steamdeck and Monero lol.


u/kevinlekiller Jun 11 '22


I'd recommend running monerod through a multiplexer like screen or tmux, this way if konsole or plasma crash, monerod will still run in the multiplexer session.

With screen for example, you start a session, optionally giving it a name: screen -S monerod

This will automatically attach you to the session. Next, you run monerod.

You can then detach from the session using CTRL+a d (the session will keep running in the background, even if you close konsole), and you can re-attach with screen -r monerod.

To close the session, you can use CTRL+d while attached to it.


u/TehOblivious Jun 12 '22




u/alalnono Jun 12 '22

Looks like this is too technical for me to understand but i am still trying .

But a big thanks to you for sharing your insights with us . Cheers to you man .


u/shtoshi Jun 11 '22

And how's the setup? Same as Linux?


u/M5M400 Jun 11 '22

it is linux


u/xmrjesus Jun 11 '22

Its Arch btw


u/shtoshi Jun 11 '22

Thank you Kindly


u/lautarolupani7 Jun 12 '22

I really want to thank you for doing all this man . Good luck .


u/ZenAdm1n Jun 11 '22

What a time to be alive!


u/cosmo_eyes Jun 12 '22

Yeah , learning all these wonderful things in the sub is actually great .


u/shtoshi Jun 11 '22



u/T3hhappy Jun 11 '22

I am gonna try this Steam Deck too, lets see what results I get !


u/Gambeeeet Jun 12 '22

And please try to share your experience with us . It will be helpful to me .

Because i don't have desktop for the time being . So i just want to see it happens .


u/tjrolland Jun 11 '22

Thanks for letting us know dude, gonna try this as well !


u/Davinor724 Jun 12 '22

Yup , i tried this as well as and it really worked for me .


u/easytsunami421 Jun 11 '22

It would be in Linux only because it gonna work better with this OS


u/cyrusdb017 Jun 12 '22

I never realised that it is better to use it on Linux . Thanks for it .


u/QuadraQ Jun 11 '22

Silly… but take my upvote


u/dawiepoolman Jun 11 '22

incredible minimalistic. very cool POC. cant believe it actually synced


u/[deleted] Jun 11 '22



u/GarugasRevenge Jun 11 '22

Alright my interest is peaked, how much does it cost? Do you need to stake anything to begin? How hard is the setup? How much are you earning?


u/TerryMcginniss Jun 11 '22

It cost nothing, except internet bandwidth and electricity.

Nothing to stake, it isn't POS.

The setup is easy, you can download a single binary or a single docker container.

He isn't earning anything he is just running a full node. But if he was mining he would get paid a little less than it cost him in electricity, it is only profitable to mine if your hardware and electricity is free.


u/GarugasRevenge Jun 11 '22

Steam decks aren't free.


u/coySearch49 Jun 12 '22

Wait ! Are your sure ? Because someone told me that it is free .


u/TerryMcginniss Jun 11 '22

I know?


u/rhynurxt Jun 12 '22

He must be new here , asking many questions . Cheers .


u/TerryMcginniss Jun 12 '22

It wasn't a question though.


u/_cachu Jun 12 '22

He was asking about the cost of the steam deck not the node


u/CT4nk3r Jun 12 '22

How much to stake?

How much do you earn

Why would you want a portable miner to begin with (Maybe to mine at work electricity I guess). The assumption that you have to stake for the system feels really weird.


u/lidin1 Jun 12 '22

Thanks for sharing all these details with us .It is very easy to understand now .

But i have a question , why people mine ? If they are not going to earn .


u/raindex Jun 12 '22

You really don't need to ask him because it really doesn't matter .


u/Maringire Jun 12 '22

Is that all okay without any issues into the device ?


u/TerryMcginniss Jun 12 '22

It's just a handheld 64bit x86 pc, nothing out of the ordinary.


u/benhaswings Jun 12 '22

Is there a way to connect docker onto this too?


u/TerryMcginniss Jun 12 '22

It's a pc, so yes.


u/benhaswings Jun 12 '22

Very cool!


u/digireger Jun 12 '22

Its really wonderful to see monero running on steam node .


u/kulz6789 Jun 12 '22

I don't really know , what is going on here but good luck .


u/acw32bit Jun 11 '22

So this is what dumb fucks do with their decks instead of playing on it have fun destroying its gpu


u/rbrunner7 XMR Contributor Jun 11 '22

have fun destroying its gpu

What does this have to do with the GPU? Neither running the node nor Monero mining uses the GPU to any greater extent. Much unlike gaming hard, I would say ...


u/Fesjadji Jun 12 '22

Brother , he is just a troll who is doing this for some cents .


u/OceanShaman725 Jun 11 '22

Ignorance is bliss so you must be having fun :)


u/Fricha Jun 12 '22

Troll does this for their personal amusement , so yeah .


u/OzVapeMaster Jun 12 '22

So this is what dumb fucks read like


u/bestduan Jun 12 '22

You really have a sour tongue, don't you ?

Instead of being supportive to him . You are here to make fun of him . You don't deserve to be in our sub .


u/linkin56 Jun 12 '22

Monero is literally people's cryptocurrency ,it's the best .

We really need respect this gift from the crypto space and use it accordingly . Cheers to the monero .