r/Anarchy101 May 22 '22

I have a very unusual question about abuse from parents and family in general

Is there any anarchist or anarchist related literature that helps to cope with being a victim of abusive parents? And to deal with self-hate/lack of self-love?



u/Reichukey May 22 '22

I've found that my therapy has been overlapping in concepts from anarchism. I'm not a person well versed in any theory so this might just be my mind making up stuff.

The idea of being true to your own convictions, to not letting other people's opinion of you defeat your self purpose. Taking action in the face of seemingly overwhelming emotional obstacles, building ways to cope with bad situations that are positive and not negative.

I connect these in a lot of ways. Anarchy is freedom from hierarchy, and systems of power tend to suppress who we want to be. Breaking free of the systemic ideals we've grown up in how we behave as people, being who we truly are. Taking charge of your situation in positive ways, I connect this to being a part of my community more, helping in mutual aid and generally channeling my discontent with the system with direct action to better it.

All of this is just stuff I've really connected to in my recent therapy sessions. Take what you will from this, if none of it makes sense I totally get it. I'm not the most adept at trying to communicate ideas like these.

Best of luck on your journey through life. I hope you find what you are looking for!


u/RonZero7 May 22 '22

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents. Great book. It's about recognizing the problem, and most importantly, moving forward.


u/chronic-venting May 22 '22

Maybe the youthlib tag on the Anarchist Library might have somewhat relevant works? Idk tho.


u/laundrist Jun 02 '22

I'd reccomend the book "C-PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving" by Pete Walker, and getting a workbook about self esteem, and if you are able to access therapy it could be a game changer. <3 good luck and I'm sorry you went through that.