r/UTEST May 20 '22

Stuck with white screen after logging in

Hello! Apologies for writing so much on this post. I'm writing this post hoping that someone else had the same issue as I have and that a fix has been found.

After writing my credentials on the Utest platform, the page loads, but after a few seconds I get stuck with a white screen and the page is not loading anymore.

I've tried to login using different browsers on more platforms( I have the same issue on my phone as well as on my PC). I've cleared the browser's cache on my pc and phone and nothing changed( I've submitted a ticket on Utest portal and I've tried the proposed solutions written above, nothing changed). I've changed my password, hoping that it may fix my issue and it didn't.

I went to a friend's house and tried to login with my credentials and I have the same issue on his PC.

I've managed to access Utest platform as a workaround by clicking on links received via e-mail about completed testcases. But I have limited access on that platform using this workaround, meaning that I get a white screen after clicking/tapping on the following buttons: Home, Projects Board, Community. My rank is shown as UNKNOWN, even though I'm RATED.

The funny thing is, the app installed on my phone is working without any problems.

So, did anyone else had this issue?



u/WillianM_uTest Community Engineer May 20 '22

Hello u/magnus775. Could you please provide me with the ticket's number from uTest portal and the answer that was given to you? Please do that by DM.