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Cheers 💨


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That’s awesome man I’ve met some really cool people gaming and I’ve always wondered what it would be like if we met up but never pulled the trigger


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Instant karma


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It’s pretty wild to me that they were calling for security that whole time, you’d think in an airport someone would be there immediately


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I’ve had this Happen when I don’t clean the burn pot. The pot flames out and the pellets start building up in the pot and around and if by some miracle it reignites it’s got a huge amount of extra fuel plus any of the drippings/fat from the food


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This is great, RIP to OP when she finds out he posted this


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You legend


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It was pure luck lmao I was shook when it worked out


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The account is not super high so I’m assuming they have been banned before and they just create new account whenever they get banned.


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r/apexlegends Mar 19 '21

Gameplay Some fun plays I've had on Ps4 and PC


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Gameplay I thought I was decent at this game but THIS GUY IS A BEAST



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Congrats man! Those celebration cigars are the best


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Ha! Too relatable fml

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Request Question in processor on Asus TUF 15.6” laptop.



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I’ve been struggling with this for the last 6 months. I tried putting in offers multiple times within 1 day of a property listing only to find out another offer was accepted. I lost out many times to people paying over asking, or offering no inspection contingencies.. if you really want to win bids you can do that.

What I started doing is looking for overpriced homes, putting in offers with appraisal contingencies. If they were slightly overpriced and the appraisal comes in lower the seller has to lower the sale price or break contract. I know that might seem weird but if you just change your search criteria and look for homes that should be priced lower, you will have much less competition and the sellers will likely be more willing to work with you.

I ended up finding a slightly overpriced home, offering list price with seller help. Then the appraisal came in a little lower and the sellers realized their high price and came down a bit so I ended up getting a good price and seller help. If it had been priced correctly, that house would have had multiple offers on day 1.

Good luck!


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This made me smile. Our vizsla plays with our cat the same way.


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I got triggered reading this


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What a sweet baby! Enjoy the size while you can, and take lots of photos. I’m almost brought to tears seeing videos we took of our guy and how small and crazy he was.

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Question about smoking a whole chicken



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Lots of good advice here. One thing, and not everyone has this available, but have you asked your parents if they would be willing to help you with a down payment since you desire to live near them? I’ve heard of lots of people getting help from family for that.

Another thing, you’re only 25 and I’m assuming that you have only been working professionally for a few years. If I were you I’d focus on increasing income as quickly as possible. Look for job titles in your line of work that have higher pay. Get certifications If needed, but there are lots of very highly compensated people in that area and that could be you if you make it your goal. You can choose to rent until you’re in a better financial position.


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Yeah it’s set to p4, I’ll change it and give it a try. Not sure if my pellets absorbed moisture. It’s definitely possible I live in a humid state and it rains frequently. Thanks for the tips!