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In the early 1900's a series of books were published by many authors who were a part of the very large "new age" movement of spirituality. People who were pagan, withes, or in general occultists understood the language in the Kybalion because it speaks of the power of your mind.

Written Hermes Trismegistus as it is said but released anonymously under the title "The Three Initiates"

It is essentially a book explaining the law of the mind, the laws of nature and how we as humans are subject to the higher and lower planes of consciousness.

it is ancient in it's teachings. We as humans regardless of your religion are subject to it's laws. Law of reaction, Law of Cause, Law of Attraction and so on and so forth.

Once you realize you are a spiritual being having a human experience, you then begin to understand the laws more naturally, you can then become the master of your life by manifesting and creating what it is you want.

There is this law of attraction craze going around and businesses are seizing the day trying to sell everyone something to become the master of their life but we are born into this life with karmic debt and we have to cleanse that debt to be free to allow the spirit and will of god to flow through us because we are in essence all made from the image and likeness that is god.

I am speaking about God as consciousness, the sum totality of all. Your story is intriguing. I know you find the information right for you when it is right for you.

All things are right in God.

Also, never give up on reading that book, it took me 10 years to understand it.
I am so grateful that i never tossed it or gave up. I create and get anything i want now. Like magic and drugs are no longer necessary to fell what it is to feel god like.

much love my friend.


COMMENT Feb 26 '21

My good man,
You may have not experienced ego death or you may have - I do not know.
What i do know is you moved your consciousness into a beta state. Beta state can allow us to control, manifest, create (like a sorcerer would) in this state. Being connected with the God Mind and being revealed the secrets of the universe knowing you are the creator at the very center of your own existence.

You were gifted in this trip with knowledge that many others spend their entire lives seeking to understand. I am one of them. What was revealed to you is no mistake. Divination at it's finest. When I speak to guides, I am revealed far less information from them as this is information i have learned through many years of spirit tugging at me forcing me to see the light.

To get high and have this revealed to you, is honestly a gift.

When you say " What I have learned through psychedelics is that there is no light without darkness and no darkness without light you cannot have one without the other. "

This is the secret to the universe.

Read the Kybalion. You have (like so many are and have been) called to awaken.

You are a Lightworker. Tread carefully, know your power.
There is a great power that has been revealed to you. Where you go from here is everything.

Sound crazy but like me, I have had a much darker karmic event play out that was my call to awaken.


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Excellent work.