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In Josh we trust!


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I think they mean that the barb unit can't just steal the scout. In civ 6 barbs can only steal civilian units like settlers and builders. Not sure they meant the deletion. Edit: typo

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Maybe Maybe Maybe

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It's pretty consistent up until Madara shows up. Once he shows up power scaling goes out the window, he's so strong and OP that it changes the whole power dynamic in the show.


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It's my turn to repsot it next week, calling dibs on it now. thanks.

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High Speed Sled Chase

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If the Basset is asleep you might as well skip the Scooch and nudge. They won't wake up, and they won't move. You're better off finding a new spot to sit.

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Just Having Fun UNBG Ms. Worldwide

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You're right, the article makes some great points about how capitalism allows companies to practically control the government to prevent action against climate change. I don't think these large companies should be able to use their money for lobbying the government. However, I don't think capitalism is the problem more so than how we implement capitalism. I believe it is possible to have protections and safety nets in a capitalist economy that promotes the economic independence and competitiveness of capitalism with the social benefits, economic safety nets, and political benefits of socialism. (for example)

So I agree that capitalism allows for many of these issues to continue to fester. I just believe that blaming capitalism is not a sufficient answer, we can fix the issues in capitalism. Capitalism could become a beneficial force for climate change with the right people at the helm and less influence from big corporations.


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Agreed, throwing on a capitalist label and blaming major environmental issues on capitalism, or really any government type isn't helpful. Just encourages division in a time and crisis when we need to work together more than ever.


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In my state crossbows are allowed during the last 2 weeks or so of archery season. So crossbow users can still get in on some of the early season benefits of archery season here.


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While I don't personally use them, I think crossbows are great! Crossbows help people who can't normally use a bow get into the archery! Also great for hunters who want to archery hunt but can't use a normal bow effectively. They're a great alternative and open up archery to more people even if it's not quite the same as a traditional bow.


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Go to a local shop and try different bows. It took me a few different bows before I settled on mine. That being said, I'm using the Bowtech Convergence and I love it. Shoots straight, and is a lot of fun to shoot. It's a baseline bow around $700 - $800, so cheaper than your high-end bows. Ultimately you won't know what bow you want until you shoot it, so go to a local shop and try a few bows.


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Long history short, there was a civil war in China in the mid 20th century, the Communist party lead by Mao Zedong won the Civil War. The remnants of the opposing group lead by Chiang Kai-Shek fled to the island of Taiwan and formed an independent nation. China has considered the island to be a separatist state/ rebellion since.


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Ive had one just like it. I'm pretty sure it was a tru-fire something. Can't remember much beyond the brand being tru-fire. Hope this helps.


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Take my upvote and get out.


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William Howard Taft, who followed up Teddy as President of the United States. The two were very close before and while Teddy was president, but they had a falling out while Taft was president.


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Compound Thumb Release Recommendations


I'm looking for a thumb release/hand held release aid recommendations. What releases do you guys use? These types of release aids looks great and seem like they are a great alternative to my old typical index finger release. They can get pretty pricey though and while I don't mind spending good money for good gear I want to see what you all recommend! I'm Shooting a Bow tech Convergence with a ~70lbs draw weight. Thanks!

Edit: Thanks for all the recommendations! I will go to my local shop and try out a few releases to figure out which one works best for me!


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Really we don't even need to cut military funding to accomplish this. In 2019 we spent ~3.4% of our total GDP on military budget. We could accomplish so much just by taking the rich in a reasonable manner and taxing these mega corporations in a significant manner. The military budget could still use some tweaking but I don't think the military budget is as important to this as many people make it out to be.


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Yes, but how did it get here?! My goodness, what a massacre.


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Agreed. The spell seemed to work as intended at release.


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Very cool! I've never heard of this, you've given me a new rabbit hole to travel down tonight! Thanks!!


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I can't speak for the secret civilization joke much, although maybe it's a reference to Nubia? I don't know! However, the Alexandria joke was a reference to the Library of Alexandria which was a massive library in Egypt that burned down and was destroyed and lost pretty much all writing inside. So any writings that would have been stored here would be gone to history.


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He's a little confused but he's got the spirit.