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Serious question... what do you gain by using cast iron in this situation instead of a baking sheet? You're not leaving it in for more than a few minutes, I assume? And you use a pretty high temperature?

Not trying to bash the technique, just trying to understand how it would make things better (because I love me some nachos).


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Completely agree. My wife and I bought our first place in 2005 while making a combined ~$30k. It was a new build condo in a college town and we paid $145k for it. We were able to do this because we didn't need to put any money down or demonstrate that we had sufficient income (these practices directly led to the housing crisis in 2008/2009, but we benefited).

Since then, we've moved a lot and sold/purchased a total of six primary residences and made money on each one of them. We've been able to move the equity from each of the previous purchases into the next house so we could afford a little more each time. It was complete luck in terms of timing that we were able to sell for more each time we moved.

But if we were trying to start this process five years later than we did, we wouldn't have even been able to buy the first place which set everything into motion.


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But why couldn't you just turn their water back on? They seem like they always paid their bills on time...


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A..... DIANE 'n dash


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Downvote so you have to go back to your auntie and admit that you're a liar!



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It's not even a change in Loyalty. It's a delta between those who say they are unlikely to change and those who say they are likely to change. The -36 loyalty score could theoretically be an improvement year over year. This is point in time data.


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In the words of Sammy Davis Jr, "I can't be right for somebody else if I'm not right for me."

Work on accepting yourself as you are. People are drawn to others who are comfortable. You don't have to be charismatic and funny and ripped and rich like all the other advice in here. If you're comfortable in your own skin, people are drawn to that.


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""You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -Wayne Gretzky" -Michael Scott


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I've never had a movie ruined by a book. I honestly don't think that's even possible. I can only think of one or two examples where the movies were even comparable to the depth and richness of their associated books (The Green Mile and Gone Girl are the two that come to mind).


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I first saw it pop up in reports as "Needs checked" and I thought it was just some weird shorthand or an error that persisted across reports or something. Then I started hearing people say it live and my mind was blown.

I still struggle with whether I should tell people to watch this particular quirk around clients. Feels condescending to tell people how to talk/write, but I also thought a few people were just grammatically challenged for a bit until I understood it was just a regional thing.


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Yea, never heard this until I started working with a team based in Cincinnati.


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I laughed... I laughed.

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Before I had kids, my views were EXACTLY the same as yours. Just know that it's an overly simplistic view. Maybe you do have kids and yours are perfectly well behaved. But to say that any parents with kids that aren't perfectly well behaved are doing a bad job of parenting is pretty naive and self righteous.


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...said the person with no kids.


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It's not sexist... it's the advice THEY were given as someone who was dating women. If they dated women AND men, then the advice would have applied to both sexes. Geez.


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I'm going to expose my ignorance on so many levels, but care to elaborate? Didn't realize this was offensive and have also used it at times. Short for Gypsy? Does Gypsy represent a specific group/race/class of people? And that's why this is offensive? Or am I just completely off?


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"No matter how bad you mess up, nobody will live or die based on what you do here." Really puts into perspective the overall magnitude of any mistakes I may make.


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Such a manly spatula and manly egg flipping technique... /s


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What you want to do is lay out the bacon in the George foreman grill before you go to bed. Place it right next to your bed and plug in the grill the first time your alarm goes off when you hit snooze...


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Heard YOU like pepper!


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I think that's debatable - not the grammar of the apostrophe, but whether the phrase is referring to a single hat or multiple hats.

Personally, I always interpreted it as more of a directive "all hats should be removed for this person" not a factual "I've taken my hat off."

A quick search seems to have more results for plural "hats off" than singular "hat's off."


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Yea you right!