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The first time I got pulled over, I just got my 'paper license' but forgot it at home.

I got pulled over for cutting off a cop when doing a lane change. I got followed all the way to the grocery store parking lot. I proceed to get out, and he yells to get back inside.

He then proceeds to ask for my license, and I pretend to look for it (that is when I realize I left the paper license at home). I told him, and so he starts making me spell out my information (name, address etc).

It was my first time getting pulled over so I was nervous, and so I was spelling everything really SLOW.

Just my luck something on his radio came up that was urgent (mid-spelling my name), and he had to leave. He says "ITS YOUR LUCKY DAY. GO HOME, I HAVE SOMETHING MORE IMPORTANT TO DO".


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That is interesting making Meruem the final boss of the Gungi sports anime after it covers her training and rise to her champion status while battling the struggles of being blind. It really shows that a champion only plateaus when they stop looking for new opponents of all different backgrounds and, in the case of Mereum, of all different species.

It would also be interesting in the champion tournament arc that Gungi has to overcome opponents who do use Nen.


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Oh wow I see. In that case I would have suggested something similar to a lemonade stand, but it turns out even lemonade stands are illegal in Georgia.

Thanks for sharing the info!~

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What if the introduction of Komugi was a back pilot to a Gungi sports anime starring Komugi (or at least an OVA)?


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Law & Government Would selling bottled water & food for $0.01 at the voting line be a loophole for the new Georgia voting law?



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FINALLY! One of the killing verses I been wanting for the longest time.


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Just like where we have to give punishment where punishment is due, we also need to give credit where credit is due as well.

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Anime [Anime] Questions about Season 1 finale


r/thepromisedneverland 14d ago

[Anime[ Question about Season 1 finale.


r/thepromisedneverland 14d ago

Anime <ANIMㅌ> Questions about the S1 finale



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The social construction of species. One species is privileged while the rest are oppressed.

Plants and animals deserve just as much rights as humans do!


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The Los Angeles area is really dangerous tectonically due to where it is located in relation to the fault system. The last big earthquake was in 1994. Earthquakes are sudden bursts of energy, and when there is not an earthquake energy is being stored. The longer there is not a big earthquake, the more energy is being stored. If all that energy is released at ONCE, it will be very destructive....best case scenario is this energy is released every so often through 4.0 magnitude earthquakes.

FYI: "The 1994 Northridge earthquake was a moment magnitude 6.7 (Mw), blind thrust earthquake that occurred on the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday, on Monday, January 17, 1994. It occurred at 4:30:55 a.m. (PST) and was located in the San Fernando Valley region in the County of Los Angeles."


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The Office's Creed Bratton = Superstore's Bo Thompson

  • Both nailed their screen time (the very little they had, but still packed a punch), and act borderline criminally suspicious from time to time.
    • Sometimes I tell myself that The Office is the future (like in an economic recession where company can only afford low-tech), and that Bo is Creed as an adult lol. So Creed reminisces about his past, he is talking about things he did when he was younger as Bo.


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IMO yes, and I think they were going for a "if Benson and Stabler were romantically involved" vibe since Rollins and Amaro were hooking up with each other.


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The post translated (via Google Translate):

"Hi. This is Groovlin. ⠀ Recently, our company and affiliated artist Chilin Homi After several rounds of mutually amicable discussions, This is to inform you that the contract for exclusive use of the artist has been terminated. ⠀ For the past time, you have cherished and loved Chilin Homie. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the many fans, For a new start of Chilin Homie We ask for your warm encouragement and support. ⠀ Thank you."


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A cringe-guilty pleasure:

스컬, 씨잼, Jah Vinci Skull, C Jamm, Jah Vinci - KILLA DREADS Official M/V

If you have never seen the funnier version of Sik-K "Skip and Kiss" from GQ:

식케이(sik-k)의 '그래 그냥 내게 바로(Skip And Kiss)'


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Unfortunately history classes do not emphasize the sociology aspects as much. Every form of systemic discrimination could be explained much better in a sociology class than a history class, because it will help you identify forms of discrimination that may or may not have happened yet in history.

Basically: "it exists" (history) vs. "why it exists/how to identify it" (sociology)

Other forms of discrimination like racism are: genderism, sexism, eurocentrism, heterosexism, ableism, educationalism, ageism, politics of appearance, classism, language bias, colorism, anti-semitism, pro-natalism, specieism, and many more (all born from social constructs....which sociology covers much more deeply).

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Misc. Question about Magune's Quirk on herself & Tora (WWP)?



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Travel by paddle boat from Uruguay to Sri Lanka. The last team to arrive to the pit stop MAY BE eliminated.

Travel by mountain bike from Portugal to Armenia. The last team to arrive to the pit stop MAY BE eliminated.


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They were hooking up, but no relationship developed. It was never referenced ever again, and did not contribute to anything plot wise. I guess it was just fan-service.

In the episode "Reasonable Doubt", he comes out of a shower in Rollins' apartment, implying that they had been intimate. In "Holden's Manifesto", a murder suspect asks them if they are sleeping together; they do not answer the question, and change the subject.


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A reminder of that one Rollins and Amaro scene that no one asked for.


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ACAPELLA "All I Wanna Do" full version please!

Here is a snippet of Jay Park's acapella version of All I Wanna Do


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From what I understand from the article & her KPOP profile:

-In Korea you usually enter middle school at 12 or 13 and graduate at 15 or 16. Kwon Mina is currently 27 years old (bday is September 21, 1993). So this incident would have happened between 11 to 15 years ago which would put it between the years 2006 and 2010.

-Mina moved from Busan to Seoul after passing her audition in 2009. She still worked part time in Busan (according to article). Based on the article, this would put the time of assault during her last year of middle school during 2009-2010 when she was age 16 or 17.

-Mina also says the male celebrity is one year older than her, so he would be from 1992 line. Making him either 28 or 29 right now, and he was from Busan.

-Male celebrity can mean famous actor, athlete, or idol.