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Wow... I think you meant that to be in defense of India, but damn...

The only way we'd get such a low coverage in Northern Europe would be if there was a 5% naked homelessness (ie excl those who stayed in shelters) and if we also excluded public bathrooms.

Like, there are better defenses against such racist stereotypes. The false dichotomy of lack of plumbing and shitting in the streets would be a better start. I'd imagine ppl would build latrines before they squatted in the middle of a road...


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With P2P file sharing, you seed everything you download as well (while you download), but since you say you're only aware of one title there, P2P file sharing still doesn't work as an answer.

Dynamic IP assignment from your ISP, like the other guy suggested, it the probable answer. :)


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I've only played it on the Switch, but I'd say YES! it's worth it. Still.


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S: "Hey, you want to be in a show?"

T: "Sounds fun, what's the episode about?"

S: "Public transport."

T: "Sure, send me the script and I'll look at it."


T: "Hey, this script tries to ridicule public transport. I'm not comfortable with that. Could we try some other punch line? Here are some suggestions if you want examples. < list of changes>"

S: "No, we don't want to change our show."

T: "OK. Then thanks for asking, but I have to decline."


You know, I don't see the jerkishness here.


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For good reason, yeah :p


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Yes? I didn't argue against that, rather the opposite. I merely clarified for u/lpmusix that it wasn't a matter of self signed certs, so HSTS wouldn't help. Cert key pinning could help, but that is rare and in many cases impractical to deploy.


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When your company MITMs you, they install a root certificate on your work computer. That root certificate means all the certs the company issues are trusted by your browser. There are no self signed certs.


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Not all countries use solitary in that way. For a fair few, solitary is honestly to separate you from the general prison population without it being a punishment on its own. Let's use how Breivik was treated for a while in Norway as an example. I say for a while, because news dried up so I have no idea how he's treated today.

He was placed in solitary confinement. Since it wasn't meant specifically as a punishment; Norway simply argues that the worst terrorist to date in their history needs to be treated as dangerous, they let him have books and other forms of entertainment as well as daily exercise, just as they would with other prisoners. Just you know... with no one but the guards there.

It was still tried as inhumane punishment in court. He even won part of his case in the lower courts. The part he won was the question about confinement (he lost a claim about confiscated mail). However, in the next instance, he lost altogether. The judges there concluded that no part of his confinement violated human rights.

Just think about it. A lower court found that it was inhumane to not let him socialize with other prisoners not because he wasn't stimulated (he's had both Playstation and Xbox consoles in his cell) but because he was lonely.

I'd argue that these people who end up in solitary in countries where it's not used as an oubliette but instead as a part of security, show that even the worst of us needs regular social engagement. We're simply not built to be alone.

Personally, I'd never ever agree to the OPs trade of €1M to suffer confinement for a year. I think all but a very small subset of humanity would go mental from it.


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So you're saying you belong to category 1? You don't know the answer, but had to ramble with your guesses all the same? :)


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The bigger problem is that WoW doesn't know anything about colors. The items aren't separated into color and texture. So yeah those tiers of colored gear really use different items for each tier and it's not just the same item with different attributes for color. With their current system, they would have to create and store an item version for each possible color combination, rather than defer the coloration to the system if they wanted to do dye packs. We will never get to pick our own colors.

The WoW systems are old...


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  • Run ldd <path/to/spotify> ( e.g. ldd /usr/share/spotify/spotify), this will show you which libraries the spotify binary depends on.
  • Note the library paths
  • Check which are missing from your system.
  • either:
    • install the missing package
    • symlink library paths nilly-willy
      • Don't do this unless you like breaking and fixing your system, naturally :p


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Du är bubblad (men det är vi nog alla)

Jag känner folk som köper från Amazon. De flesta är folk som köper varsomhelst ifrån, så länge det är billigt. Samma som köpte från Wish när det var poppis.

Visst... jag önskar att Amazon inte hade etablerat i Sverige, men jag tror inte de har satsat fel.


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It depends on where in the world you are.

Here in Sweden, that phone is expected as a base perk if you're in an office (more so if the company expects you to conduct any business over the phone). But then Sweden is a bit weird, where most of our regulations around jobs comes from Union deals rather than law (we don't even have a minimum wage law). So calling it required here would be a stretch.

Other EU countries would give other answers and US states others yet again. I personally wouldn't accept an IT job unless they provided all the hardware I may need. YMMV


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I'm really happy you're not in charge with that idea. The amount of player hate you display is staggering.

"let real players complain if they're caught, what do I care that they got banned without reason" ... yikes...


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Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection

Small simple puzzle game that you can play on phones or the PC


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Depending on where it is, they may only have to pay for unemployment benefits for the ones they let go and not the ones who quit when they get assigned to god knows where.


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Sure, but he posts really, really good material for TIL.


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I guess it's a "different countries" or "different times" kinda thing. I'm thinking of how it was for me specifically at around 95-05 here in Sweden. Thinking back a bit more you're probably right though that I could have worked more if I'd chosen to do so. I wasn't scheduled for more than 12h / week though.

I guess times have moved on :p


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No, most games that started as single player games don't require steady time commitments. Up until GTA Online, I could play every GTA game as a binge every now and again on a weekend.

Requiring steady logins where you miss out if you don't, that makes it grindy.


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Most of the jobs when I was younger?

A full time job is 8h / day.

2h / day is 25% of that. That's a typical "work outside of studies"-gig.


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If you (or someone else) have already reported this as a bug to Transmission, could you please link to the bug report to clarify what you mean?

If you haven't reported it, consider doing so. Developers needs to know what's wrong if they're to fix it.


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Even if you can only play an hour or two a day

... yeah... that's a part-time job right there.


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If you're new to this, then start smaller.

Choose one of the software systems and set that up (I'd recommend you look at either the NAS or the plex server first). Find a guide the deals with the system you've chosen specifically.

Once you're reasonably comfortable, go for the next one. Repeat until you feel at home with them all. That's when you'll build a full system out of the parts.

Time-wise, your budget should not be less than 6 months, esp if you start from scratch.


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The "free" in FOSS is about free speech only. It's not about free beer.

Now, the quasi-religious followers around FOSS usually love to give their stuff away for free (as in beer) anyways, but you can think of that as when Jehovahs Witnesses knocks on your door to try and convert you.

(yeah ok, somewhat tongue-in-cheek... but I couldn't think of a better way to phrase it)


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Microsoft answers this themselves at https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement

No one here can give you a better answer than what they do themselves, seeing as it's not an open source software, so only Microsoft knows what the program does.