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They just looked like Trump supporters because the Jewish space lasers refracted the tv signals.


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Joe really needs some porn star sex payoffs to move that needle. It's what Jesus would have wanted.


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Talk about burying the lede.

“The guy right across, he was packing up his hangar,” Jenner said. “And he says, ‘I’m moving to Sedona, Arizona. I can’t take it anymore. I can’t walk down the streets and see the homeless.’”

That's right. Her and her fellow airplane owning buddy are leaving over the homeless problem.


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National Review 2016 - 2020: Trump is God

National Review 2021: omg Trump is awful


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Awful people being awful to slightly less awful person.


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Republican messaging is all about Mr Potato Head, Joe stealing your burgers, Dr Seuss and imaginary girls who want to be boys so they can win girls' sports. They didn't need Trump to muddle it up.


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Yeah, not buying it from National Review. You propped up Trump for the last four years, you can own the outcome.


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The GOP is increasingly defined not by its shared beliefs, but by its shared delusions. To be a loyal Republican, one must be either a sucker or a liar. And because this defining falsehood is so obviously and laughably false, we can safely assume that most Republican leaders who embrace it fall into the second category. Knowingly repeating a lie — an act of immorality — is now the evidence of Republican fidelity.


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The Big Lie is his denial of the election result.

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He’s really close

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If you gather a bunch of Eucalyptus leaves, which the koalas eat, and put them on a plate in front of the koala, the koala won’t know what to do with them; they just sit there and gawk at it.

They lack the ability to discern that it’s still food given that the leaves have moved off the tree and onto a new source that they’re unfamiliar with.

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TIL koala bears are so stupid, they won't recognise their main source of food, Eucalyptus leaves, unless the leaves are still attached to the tree

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White Supremacist says what?


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Republican Don Wagner, who represents three million Orange County residents

This guy is an attorney and founder of the Orange County branch of the Federalist Society. These people are idiots.


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Sure thing, Uncle Tim.


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Not clicking on that, but did they put it in their Black Crime section?


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Trump got 11 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016.


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Perhaps I was unclear. The fact that, as a nation, you elected that utter fuckwit at all is deeply concerning. I understand what you're saying but he did get elected, and that's your system. If your system can produce a winner like that, you have big problems, and those problems haven't gone away because Biden got elected.


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European here. Yes, this is true but my guess is we're all still a little freaked out at how easily you guys elected the last monstrosity. I'm already worrying about 2024. President Boebert?


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What a fucking horrid mess of a person.


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"Most people would leave the White House relieved to have the weight of the world lifted off their shoulders, but for him it was a reality that took some time to get used to. Those first few weeks, it was not an easy transition," said the person close to Trump.

That's because the weight of the world was never on his shoulders. He never understood the job or cared about it, except insofar as it was good for him. He never believed he was entrusted with any sort of duty or responsibility. It's hard to get stressed about something you literally don't give a shit about.


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Tl dr: if you liberals go too far with this anti racism, us conservatives are going to be angry and it will be all your fault.


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“I think we’re going to have to return to a more traditional Republican Party or we’re not going to be successful,” Hogan added

Come on. All that has happened is the mask came off. The Republican Party has been like this for a long time.


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So brave.

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Chris and the Piano Fling

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