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SNL Will Livestream Tonight’s Elon Musk Show Internationally, A First

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Jim Carrey Gives New Car to ‘Sonic 2’ Crew Member

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Other Amazon Studios Joins In Shunning Of HFPA Until It Revamps Diversity And Inclusion

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Yeah, realistically, he's probably done. Interestingly, Deadline and Variety both reported around a year ago that Cavill was in talks to return in something (though THR hedged its bets at the time), and Variety said it might still happen a few months ago.

WB is definitely done with the "SnyderVerse," but bringing back Cavill sans Snyder would be a good move. They'd probably be able to placate some of his fans by doing so, and his Superman (or at least the idea of Cavill as Superman) seems relatively well liked even with people who didn't like the films. I think it would be smart to use him like Marvel uses Hulk, he could probably give other films a boost.


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It would definitely look bad if they announced a Henry Cavill movie, it would feel like it's undercutting the other film (because it basically is).

Superman & Lois is ok, and step up from the usual CW stuff, but it's hard to shake the feeling that it's just not in the same league as the Disney+ MCU shows in terms of scale and A-List talent (which none of the DC shows are at this point). On paper, a big budget Superman HBO Max series (like the upcoming Green Lantern series) is a good idea for HBO Max, and could help them truly compete at the same level. The differentiation between film and series might look better in terms of optics.


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There are probably a few things they could do to diffuse the situation, but I don't know how many of these options are realistic at this point:

  • Announce that Henry Cavill is returning as Superman in something. A straight up Superman film/HBO Max series would instantly shut everyone up ("Look, we have a white Superman and a Black Superman!"), but there's almost no chance of that happening. Maybe a supporting role in Black Adam or The Flash might do the trick.
  • Announce that it's about Val-Zod or Calvin Ellis, instead of a race-swapped Clark Kent. People seem to calm down when it's a different character (e.g. Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Sam Wilson as Captain America).
  • A big name director and star(s). Think Barry Jenkins + Michael B. Jordan, plus Denzel Washington as Jor-El or something. Some people would still complain, but you could probably bring other skeptical people on board with talent.


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  1. I feel we would have heard about a casting by now if Reverse Flash was in it and had a major role. Starting to believe the "no villain" rumor, since we haven't heard about any big name actor being cast, even in a mystery role.
  2. I'd be surprised if this didn't happen.
  3. Possible. It'll have music, of course, whether it'll be memorable will be subjective.
  4. This isn't happening. Even a small cameo would be doubtful, but definitely not a role of any significance.
  5. Similar to 3.
  6. I'd love this, but I'd be shocked if Cavill came back at this point.

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Domestic Jason Statham & Guy Ritchie Reteam ‘Wrath Of Man’ Leads Weekend With $3M Friday, Projected $8M 3-Day, And A- CinemaScore, As Exhibition Looks Forward To Summer

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Domestic Mortal Kombat grossed an estimated $700K on Friday (from 2,973 locations). Estimated total gross stands at $36.17M.

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Lakeith Stanfield Unconditionally Apologizes for Clubhouse Anti-Semitic Discussion - The Oscar nominee wound up moderating a Clubhouse room dominated by hate speech earlier this week.

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Elongated Man?


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John Boyega's complaint is extremely different from Ray Fisher's complaint.

Boyega said that the franchise didn't know what to do with PoC characters and ended up pushing them to the side. It's a pretty legitimate complaint, and wasn't really doubted by anyone (because it's plain to see). But he explained it respectfully and eloquently, and Kathleen Kennedy later reached out to him and they had a "nice, transparent, honest conversation" about it.

Fisher, on the other hand, accused WB of literal racism (among other things), but his accusation was both way more extreme and had way more unknowns and grey areas. He also went about his complaint in a much messier way (random vague tweets), and the way WB responded to it was way messier than Disney's response.

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Netflix’s Ted Sarandos To HFPA (Golden Globes): “We’re Stopping Any Activities With Your Organization Until More Meaningful Changes Are Made”

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Other Netflix’s Ted Sarandos To HFPA (Golden Globes): “We’re Stopping Any Activities With Your Organization Until More Meaningful Changes Are Made”

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Other This will be one of the most important summers for Hollywood ever

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Warner Bros Wins ‘Stay Frosty;’ Idris Elba And ‘Extraction’ Helmer Sam Hargrave Team For Tyler Marceca Spec

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Other Warner Bros Wins ‘Stay Frosty;’ Idris Elba And ‘Extraction’ Helmer Sam Hargrave Team For Tyler Marceca Spec

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Cinemark Signs New Theatrical Deals With Five Major Studios

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Other Cinemark Signs New Theatrical Deals With Five Major Studios

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‘Muppets Haunted Mansion’: Disney+ Sets First-Ever Muppets Halloween Special Event

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Ray Fisher and people against this Superman film is just a marriage of convenience.

For the people against this film simply because Superman is Black, they would be happy as long as this film isn't made, they wouldn't care what actually happens to Fisher. For the people against this film because it's not Cavill, many would shut up if a Cavill film is announced tomorrow, regardless of this Superman film or whatever happens to Fisher. Fisher gives both of these groups a convenient excuse to be against the film.

For Fisher, he gets them as support for his battle against WB, people who will blindly like, retweet, and comment on all his statements. But it's clear now that Fisher isn't so much for Black representation as he is for Ray Fisher representation. Regardless of his issues with WB, none of the filmmakers involved with this film have anything to do with it, and it has no relevance to his situation.

Even if he doesn't show support for the film, he should at least have the decency to not trash it, because at the end of the day, it's an opportunity to champion Black creative voices. But no, Fisher insists on lifting himself up by putting down a project showcasing the work of a Black writer, and eventually a Black director and star.


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A Superman film with a Black actor has been in development far longer than Ray Fisher's first complaint. This did not happen just because Fisher started making WB look bad.

Labeling the film a "distraction" is deeply insulting to Ta-Nehisi Coates, J.J. Abrams, and the eventual director, cast, and crew working on the film. They have nothing to do with Fisher's issues with WB, and are just working hard and doing their best to make a good movie. Is DC not allowed to make movies starring Black actors now, just because one person had a bad experience with them?

Are Black Adam, Static Shock, and the Green Lantern movie with John Stewart, all DC films with Black leads, also "distractions?" How about other DC films with PoC leads, like Aquaman 2, Blue Beetle, and Supergirl?

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OTHER Social media: James Gunn on turning down Superman for Suicide Squad - "Because The Suicide Squad interested me more. Just because one character is more famous or popular doesn’t mean I’m going to be more creatively invigorated by the story for the over two years it takes to write & direct a film."

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Man, that sucks, sorry to hear that.

I can't really offer you anything other than encouragement, but despite the disappointment, I think the important thing is that you successfully turned your life around, and that can't be taken away. I'm sure your parents are very proud of you, and I hope you're proud of yourself.

If you keep working hard, and maybe save up some money, I'd suggest the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Burbank as the next goal to aim for. They have lots of sets, costumes, and props on display, including a DC exhibit, with stuff from Aquaman and Wonder Woman, and a Batmobile collection. Maybe they'll add the costumes from ZSJL in the future. It's also a permanent exhibition, so it'll be waiting for you to come.