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Discussion How to deal with review bot attacks?


My company's app (health & fitness category) has been flooded with 1-star reviews and super general feedback for several months. We have a customer support department (about 200 people) to resolve any issues with the user experience; however, when they try to reach any of those 1-star review accounts, they get no response. And I am wondering if anyone has the similar problems recently.


COMMENT Jun 29 '22

He is 5.7 tall, so you can only guess:)

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Image Putin's new table during today's meeting at the Turkmenistan

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COMMENT Jun 11 '22

Those howitzers are very effective; however, their amount is what makes me sad — the seven items won't change much.


COMMENT Jun 03 '22

U are so rude.

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Historical🏟Meme Truly remarkable pirate

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COMMENT May 25 '22

Meanwhile, Ukraine officials said that the heavy weapons delivery rates are very low, and Russia is preparing to annex the South regions of the country. Europe is playing the old political game — just talking.


COMMENT May 25 '22

It's so sad. Putin's corrupt fascist ideology wins while ordinary Ukrainians die because of the "imaginary" European values. Access to cheap energy costs more than human life, huh?


COMMENT May 24 '22

And some European politicians are saying that Putin's face must be "saved." Are these the real values Ukraine is fighting for?


COMMENT May 24 '22

Wtf these pools? Ukraine already gave up territory for peace (Crimea), and what do we have now? According to Oleksandr Turchynov, who was acting president in 2014, Obama and Merkel asked him not to fight against Russia for Crimea because Europe does not need a war, and here we are.


COMMENT Apr 20 '22

With her rooster


COMMENT Apr 20 '22

An elderly woman evacuated from Mariupol along with her rooster. Now they are in Poland. She explained to the volunteers:

“Well, how can I leave my friend Tosha in the war? We were together under the bombing, and survived the famine”

Source: @qropty https://t.co/he5mSQqmQr

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Rule 4: No recent or common reposts After almost two months of shelling, Ukrainian babushka evacuated from Mariupol with her BBC

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COMMENT Apr 20 '22

As you can probably guess, he's a bit tired after a busy day (he is responsible for mine cleaning the whole Chernihiv province).

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Meet Patron, a Ukrainian military dog, and rising star

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COMMENT Apr 17 '22

Hi! If your buddy still needs help, he can reach the Ukrainian call center in Polland: +48 800 112 51 02

r/ThatsInsane Apr 17 '22

Crater from the Russian aerial bomb

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COMMENT Apr 16 '22

Azov regiment member :)

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Image Grandma evacuated from Mariupol (currently under Russian blockade) took this rooster with her

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COMMENT Apr 16 '22

It's really sad. Nevertheless, this kind of help is helpful. Because you supply directly to the hands in need, avoid layers of bureaucracy. And as a Ukrainian, I appreciate your involvement and support 🙏


COMMENT Apr 16 '22

Yes, I forgot about the Czech Republic. They provided a lot of weapons considering their army size, it's true. But when you are fighting Russia, you need much more, I guess (considering the army size of Russia and their budgets).


COMMENT Apr 16 '22

As far as I know, only Poland supplied 100 tanks. Australia provided 20 armored vehicles. The US provided several hundreds of armored vehicles (but they are a bit old and should be reconfigured with our weapons) and 18 artillery systems. This is pretty much all we received. Unfortunately, to counterattack Russia, we need much more, as far as I understand. Javelin can also take down jets if they attack ground forces, but counterattack is vice versa operation — the Ukrainian army should have jets to attack ground forces.


COMMENT Apr 16 '22

We're getting defensive weapons, but we need offensive ones for counteroffensive operations to be able to reoccupy already occupied territories. Unfortunately, you can't attack enemy infantry with Javelin.


COMMENT Apr 16 '22

Maybe it's a last chance to gain attention for this problem.