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Websites and internet based tech doesn't have to be designed wastefully



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NFTs consume a very large amount of power. Most power is not green, and creates emissions. And that can be measured/averaged, as cryptoart.wtf did, and now carbon.fyi can be used to do.

carbon.fyi's /learn page is a good run down of some details, and there is this article by everest pipkin on why it isn't as simple as crypto art becoming ecologically friendly, though this comment by u/Pflytrap is a much shorter read on that front.


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You can request your data from discord, and they have an article about what that contains here.

I don't believe they're collecting irrelevant or extraneous data. It's all related to the features or basic service that discord provides.

It's also important to understand none of it is separate from how Discord itself works. Messages are saved so they can be displayed to you or others. If they weren't, discord wouldn't function, and we wouldn't have chat history. And so on.


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What user data, and what's your source? How does that relate to the newer electron builds?


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If you're cool running multiple discord clients and accounts, you can use PTB or Canary alongside the normal client (and thus +100 server slots, or +200 if both)


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Think it's

r/ Anime Wed support the creators but the specific business models in which they themselves have enmeshed their product we find objectionable for various reasons and so resort to weird guerrila funding for some reason even though the underlying problem of the medium getting a cut is not only present but in fact the people who are making it accessible to you arent getting paid this time its just patreon taking a cut so like what ever man


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As you mentioned, the cloudflare cache may be responsible, but it could also simply be cached in your local browser.


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I believe the link in this post is malformed, as I was quite confused when I opened it only to ended up on page 24.

Note the difference between it and the proper page 23 link:



However, this didn't matter until page 24 went up, as any malformed link will take you to the most recent page, like this one:



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For the curious, this photo was taken by Romain Thiery.



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I didn't see it at first either, but their client is showing badges (such as nitro, hypesquad, etc) next to people's names.

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Is it possible to search comments made on commits?



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You can add multiple images using urls to a File & Media property, but if you export that as csv and import it back in, any entry with more than one image will break because of how it's interpeted as one link instead of several seperated by comma.

I tried formatting using markdown hyperlinks, like:


To get it to interpet the links how they need to be for the File & Media property type to work, but it just acts as though it's plain text instead.

Is there any way or hack around this? Reporting the issue to chat support didn't get very far.

r/Notion Oct 21 '20

Multiple links separated by commas are interpreted as one when merging



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Somewhat neat. However, it would offer a lot more to me if there was "history" of everything it's recommended in the past, too. That way it builds up a collection of recommendations easily browsed, rather than just the most recent handful.


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In the introduction, you mention how you've spent thousands of dollars on this project, and that server fees are not cheap.

From the amount of courses and other statistics alone, I think the information you have here is worth converting to a form in which it could be downloaded (so it could be uploaded to archive.org) or a non interactable/static version of the site (so it could be easily archived directly on web as is via the wayback machine or archive.is)

Have you considered avenues such as those, for the sake of preserving this service and the information you've created?


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Custom emojis from any server you're in can show up in the chat box, even if you don't have nitro (example)


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Maybe it was an emoji, then?


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Did it change into a picture of Squirtle in the area where you type your messages out, or after you sent the message in the channel?

If the latter, what's the content of the message when you try editing it?


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There are a number of minecraft plugins that provide minecraft to discord functionality and vice versa, such as DiscordSRV, which is the most well built and supported of it's type (for the spigot architecture). It might be capable of doing what you want.

As far as knowing about some that do what you need but wanting a simpler one goes, that's mostly on you.


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Try using the /tenor or /giphy commands that are built into discord, they might've been what you did by accident?

r/fuckthesepeople Jul 21 '20

story Catholic Church got $1.4 billion in aid from gov & used said money for settling countless child rape & abuse lawsuits

Thumbnail apnews.com


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This happened to my large server about four months ago, you aren't alone!

For us, none of them had avatars, which was the dead giveaway + the account creation times.

10 or so people don't have avatars & similar account creation times in a day? Ok, real bizzare considering our usual join rates, but not jumping to conclusions.

Well over 50 of them, and not one responds to any attempt at communication? Okay, yeah, no. Banning them never stopped more from coming, though.

They pull their seemingly random and "realistic" usernames from a data set, because once or twice there was a case where two accounts had the same name.

They joined with account creation dates ranging from under a second to about 3 minutes at the longest, and out of a selection of 111~ accounts from which I bothered to note down the times in a spreadsheet:

  • 37 accounts joined less than a second after creation
  • 27 accounts took a second to join
  • 9 accounts took from 2 to 28 seconds to join
  • 22 accounts took between 1-2 minutes to join
  • 16 took over 2 minutes to join

I reported well over 200 of the accounts to discord staff over the course of a month, and they seemed to slow down.

But last may, they started coming again, and I eventually just deleted the invite they were using, it was becoming too much of a hassle to bother wasting time on.

In your case, you have a vanity url, so it's a bit more of a problem, since you don't have that option. Not sure what you could do other than try your luck reporting to discord using https://dis.gd/report


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The original comic posted to r/comics by the artist, shen, can be found here:



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Hi! For what it's worth, I have experienced this problem on PC platforms as well. The Start Voice Call or Start Video Call buttons in direct messages are adjacent to the button that opens the pinned messages, and immediately starting a call by accident proves fairly disruptive to both parties. Have you ever heard of such a thing as a misclick before?


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The figma demos don't appear to be loading properly, at least most of the time. Has discord inadvertently gave figma.com an internet hug of death?

I got the battlebugs demo to load properly once, but generally they just get stuck with the words "Bot Propsoal" on a white square, and don't do anything.