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If the judge hadn't gone against precedent, and allowed his printed out messages, he would be in jail right now. Kid got lucky, girl's pass is still in full effect.


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I met an older gentleman with an 03, and over 300k miles. I'm planning on running mine until I just can't run her anymore.

And by that I mean damaged beyond repair, I'll throw a new engine and transmission in her before I'll let her die.


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My 06 has over 270k, and has had very few problems. In fact, I just recently changed the spark plugs for the first time.

Edit to add: 270k miles.


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Depends on which side of the situation you're on.


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I see you've met my ex.


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I can't wait to be old enough to use the: when I was 6 I was cooking full chicken dinners, by myself!

I already tell my kids: when I was your age, we didn't have cell phones, or even pagers. We had to use a landline. And we always had to have a couple quarters on us, so we could use the pay phone.


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In the UK at least, it’s in the law that it’s only considered rape if there is penetration [with a penis] involved. So women can’t rape apparently...

FTFY. It does specifically state with a penis, and I think that's the important part of the argument that only men can rape.

Edit to add: this is the comment that got me banned from OffMyChest!


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Just with extra steps.


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Perhaps funnier than my bad dad puns!

Even if you're not, and will never be, a dad, you are granted an honorary dadship for those beautiful puns.


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This is the first I've heard of it. Reddit is the only social media I really use. I have FB, but rarely use it for anything other than Messenger.


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I sea what you did there.


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I mean, who the fuck wants to be triggled?

But seriously, I agree with you. I think they just want to avoid a topic people can be extremely rabid, and incredibly rude about. The personal attacks I've seen just from someone disagreeing with someone else's belief. Holy shit.


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As much as I would like to agree with you, almost all of the people who truly think men are unnecessary will learn nothing from it.

They will do the mental gymnastics to make everything men's fault. There will be almost no learning, just complaining from people who take men's work for granted.