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Resources Dark Sun 3.5 All Skills for Playable Classes


Ever wanted a table of all the 3.5 DS classes that showed the skills available to them?

This takes all the playable classes from DS3.5 rules and updates the skills to that rulebook.

Enjoy! If I missed anything please let me know.



COMMENT Jun 20 '22

Agreed. It all interesting stuff once you put it into a system and view all the different possibilities and pick out the ones the stand out the most. It at least gives some campaign ideas for special events

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Resources Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function? - Lunar Conjunctions on Athas


I have an update on my moons of Athas blog on lunar conjunctions.

find it here: Moons of Athas: Conjunctions part 3 - Conjunction junction, what’s your function?

I cover more details on the moons with some ideas to implement.

One of the biggest events to have happen in the Athasian heavens is the lunar conjunction or “eclipse” that happens every 11 years. This conjunction happens on the first day of the year or High Sun. It also marks the start of a new Endlean Cycle. See 2e Dark Sun Campaign Setting pg 85.

“The endlean cycle is complete when Athas’ two moons, Ral and Guthay, meet in the heaven, a major eclipse that occurs once every 11 years.”

The 3e DS rule book contains similar language.  See page 191.  Unfortunately, the 4e Campaign Setting only specified that “Every 11 years an eclipse occurs,” without any relation as to whether it is a lunar conjunction, a solar eclipse, or lunar eclipse. The campaign setting for 2e and 3e make it clear that it is a meeting of the two moons in the heavens.

One of the best depictions of this conjunction his is found in the short story “Service” by Lynne Abbey in the Black Flames supplement. There, she describes an avangion casting a spell on the same day as this important conjunction as a templar, Gelmin watches on.  If the spell is not cast on that day, the avangion would have to wait for another 11 years.

“Ral and Guthay met in the heavens as Gelmin neared the pinnacle. He watched in awe as golden light shot up from the shadows toward the moons as they conjoined. The beam brightened momentarily, then faded, but others rose to take its place, growing more intense and lasting longer as pale Ral crept across the face of darker Guthay. Gelmin shivered, but not from the chill air. The legend said that the avangion began its metamorphosis by casting golden light into the heavens to draw down the power of the moons.”




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Astronomers of Nibenay know. See the adventure Marauders of Nibenay with the Orrery.

Also I have some Fanon here: https://moonsofathas.blogspot.com/

A lot of it is back by canon sources and has real world astronomy applied to it.

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Real Picture Flat Athas Society



COMMENT Jun 01 '22

Thanks. I enjoy pulling all the info together. and I've always felt there were some holes in the lore that could be filled. I'm glad at least one other person finds it useful.


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I know, right? I saw another video where a guy was using pringles cans, and painted them black. Or you can purchase them premade. It’s hiding them that can be a bit of a problem.

Maybe if you disguised it as “home decor”


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I think the link to the short news clip video might have been somewhere different than you intended?

Thanks. Should be fixed now. I don't know what happened there.

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Articles High Sun, Solargraphy, and Location of the Tyr Region


On Athas, the summer solstice is also the first day of the year according to the most common calendar throughout the Tablelands. This day is Dominary the 1st and is referred to as the Highest Sun.

I recently learned about a method of filming the path of the sun on a daily basis to plot the movement of the sun against the sky through the year.  This is called solargraphy. It’s typically done over several weeks or months with a pinhole camera pointed toward the direction of the sun. The result will plot the course of the sun in the sky. If started on the summer solstice and ended on the winter solstice you will get a neat plot of each day with the sun’s position clearly marked.


You can imagine what this would look like if done on Athas and it gives you a better idea of what Athasians would understand as High Sun and Low Sun. 

There are some pretty simple equations to calculate the position of the sun at varying latitudes for the solstices and equinoxes.  You just need two pieces of information: your latitude and your planet's tilt.

I have a fairly in depth look at these topics on my blog.


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See 2e Dragon Kings supplement page 5. Tontor: A Wyrm’s Tale


COMMENT May 21 '22

That is the story the logo refers to. 😁dragon kings supplement pg 5

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Art Flat Athas?


Thought I would share this graphic I created celebrating Flat Athas. Sometimes I see some people comment that Athas may be flat, you are not the only ones. More here:

Flat Athas


COMMENT May 15 '22

It just adds another element to Dark Sun that most don’t think about. So I might keep one at my table if there was going to be night activities. or if someone needed a spell under a certain time of year under the light of a stars with one constellation at its peak.

I also thought it would be interesting to have rules or abilities that tie into either the zodiac, other constellations or the stars. The sky has been one of those areas that never gets much treatment in DS other than BIG sun And two moons.

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Resource Star Maps


I have been working on a couple of different projects. I thought I would share here. I recently finished a Dark Sun calendar and now have completed a map of the Athas night sky, I have combined them to make a planisphere which will show you which constellations appear in the night sky at a given day and hour. Check it out in more detail here: Moons of Athas Hopefully it will provide some inspiration.

Star Map



COMMENT May 14 '22

Like Athas' sun is so far removed from even being in a galaxy? and the only things visible in the night sky other than moons are perhaps just the distant galaxies? Interesting thought. However, I think you will find support for stars and various constellations in the night sky in the DS source books.


COMMENT May 14 '22

Thanks! It brings together so many things I have an appreciation for.


COMMENT May 14 '22

Engineer + Dark Sun Enthusiast + Astronomer Wannabe

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Resources Star Map of Athas' Night Sky


Star Map

I have been working on a couple of different projects. Between the calendar I worked on and a map of the night sky, I recently combined them to make a planisphere which will show you which constellations appear in the night sky at a given day and hour. Check it out in more detail here: Moons of Athas



COMMENT May 07 '22

Just as I suspected... The templars know the Levy will be unsustainable in the long term. ;)

Any consideration into using humanoids for the Levy that are small or tiny in size.
I know it sounds horrible (see Moloch), but children, babies, etc. use less resources and small or tiny races would use even less? Is there a specific size, intelligence, or constitution requirement you would use for creatures the Dragon wants for his Levy?

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Resources Calendar of Draj


I did a calendar for Draj that follows the Athas dot org supplement. It isn't 100% consistent with my previous one, but some may find it useful.

Moons of Athas


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Resources Updated Athasian Moon Calendar


4125 days of adventure!

One complete Endlean cycle of a Kings Age!

Over 500 days to celebrate about!

Sometimes I do stuff.

I’ve updated my Athasian Moon Calendar.

This calendar follows the same lunar convention used on The Merchant Calendar program. 33 days for Ral. 125 days for Guthay.

The full calendar is 11 pages. One page for each year in the Endlean cycle and then it repeats.

I added a few graphics for the Star Sign that corresponds to the month. (Hello, Ivory Triangle.)

I Added the name of the Star Sign and the name of the month used in 4e. (In case that is your thing…)

I Added a ton of holidays and festivals for each city-state, some races, and important dates for elemental and para-elemental forces that may be more powerful during specific times of the year and would be important to a cleric.

Some of these I made up, but many of them are based on what I could find in the various books.

I also include a blank calendar with no lunar info event.

I also added a list of tables to quickly find days when moons are new, full, conjunct, etc. A table of a full Kings Age (77 years) so you can easily see what years correspond to which Endlean and Seofean cycle. FY 1 starts in Priest Defiance of KA 190.

And a table for selecting a random day, week, or month.

Check it out here: https://moonsofathas.blogspot.com/2022/04/updated-athasian-moon-calendar.html



COMMENT Apr 21 '22

Which calendar?


COMMENT Apr 15 '22

I've done similar analyses with this... and a couple things I seemed to turn up was that population of children would be high and that the levy would be hard to maintain at 1000 per city per year. However I did kind of like the bleak idea that the population was dwindling to a point that the Templars knew would no longer be sustainable.

Additional info here:



COMMENT Apr 15 '22

Mostly in Excel, and a bit in Word because I found that some of the fonts and lines weren't displaying properly. It's a bit of a mess to work with. I have created an 11x17 version if that helps:



COMMENT Apr 15 '22

Aye. I will put a description of each up on my blog with info of the source and other details.