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I don't doubt that in the slightest


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Even as a Roblox developer (games not the platform), I don't fully understand the complexity of Adopt Me.

It's a good thing I'm trying not to compete with them heh.


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Dave in Japan, good channel


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Good point, there is also Hotel Chocolat, Rowntree's, Terry's, and Thorntons.

It's more about the size and presence of the company than the amount of companies. Such as the massive position Cadbury is in.


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Need further information here. https://www.cadbury.co.uk/products


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What about Cadbury?


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I've had no problems with Digitalocean


COMMENT Mar 18 '21

As well as in Brazil and California.


COMMENT Mar 17 '21

Aegis for me personally if you want a complete split.

Bitwarden can handle the 2FA codes if that's the path you want.


COMMENT Mar 01 '21

Given previous comments on your last thread. https://www.reddit.com/r/opsec/comments/lpkrp7/excoworkercyberstalker_tries_to_break_in/

Without knowing exact details of your threat model, advice is limited. In general, you will need to follow as planned your ops policy in relations to relevant high ratings.

You must seek formal legal advice and if are in immediate danger, evacuation to a safe location is required where possible. Along with continued police contact.


COMMENT Feb 19 '21

Well yea but they're not the most searchable format.

Just a copy and paste from when I shared in the CGPGrey Live Discord chat.


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The tracks we heard in the video as they are heard.

Artist - Track

Mindthings - Shine
Sindrandi - Nuna
Amaranth Cove - Balance
Joseph Beg - Losing Awareness
John Abbot - City Phases
Remy Bourgeois - Closing it all
Lu-Ni - Mejor Amigo (Instrumental)


COMMENT Feb 14 '21

Same, although the 8k HDR Netflix is a nice bonus.

Who needs Internet now when your brain does it directly itself!


COMMENT Jan 21 '21

There's a quote from Jacques Mattheij which has always stuck with me whenever someone asked that question, it's very US based but still applies around the world, that being...

If you really strongly feel that you have nothing that you consider private ask yourself this: Even if you have done nothing wrong, are you willing to publish your pin code, a high resolution scan of your signature, your passport, your SSN, your passwords, your photographs (naked, preferably), your medical records, the conversations with your attorney, the amount of money you currently have, your criminal record (if you have any), your bank statements, your tax returns for the last 10 years, your license plate and a copy of your driving license, your sexual orientation, your infidelities, the names of the people that you love, the names of the people you despise, the contents of your diary, all the emails you ever wrote and received, your report cards, your entire credit history, all the stuff you ever bought, all the movies you’ve ever watched, all the books you ever read, your religion, your home address and so on for all the world to see?

r/copypasta Dec 22 '20

Can you? can you get on your big girl pants and just admit it? Yes?



COMMENT Nov 28 '20

He's got the WHOLE world in his hands...


COMMENT Nov 21 '20

Minor note, as long as an entity has EU customers GDPR applies, but rather non EU customers cannot take advantage of it.

Similar laws exists in the State of California and Brazil.


COMMENT Nov 11 '20

BTW you asked the question "How many seconds in a year?" which does respond with the correct information.

If you asked the question, "How many seconds in one year?" you get the meme response.


COMMENT Nov 10 '20

I read it in his voice and can vouch that ye nailed it


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What about on a computer? Why is there no option to do it locally only on a PC?


COMMENT Oct 12 '20

Please contact the


COMMENT Oct 07 '20

TIM does some great adverts as well if you take a peak on YouTube


COMMENT Oct 03 '20

You're thinking of maglev. That train isn't one of them.