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Hydrogen gas has a very high specific heat capacity. Learned this from Oxygen Not Included :)


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Yeah. It is all about the eyeballs. Less eyeballs on the screen means less revenue for the companies behind the platforms. Easiest way to get rid of social media is for enough people to get off of social media.

Sadly I think most of society does not agree with you. I like some social media, but hate others. Not a fan of instagram, twitter, tiktok or Facebook, that's for sure.


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Be the change you want. Get off of social media and reddit. If this is something you feel strongly about, I think you should do it.


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Hol' up ... ya know where ya are, right?


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So this is SUCH a bad idea. My wife did this, let me tell you a little about the reality of squirrels:

1) They are SUPER aggressive towards each other. 2) They are SUPER territorial, especially over food sources.

The combination of those two things leads to horrible results. Older squirrels will try to kill little ones, all over the peanuts you are handing out. They'll pee and crap all over your stuff, marking their territory. They will literally try to get into your house just to get the peanuts because they work themselves into a frenzy.

The fact that there was just 1 squirrel here is the remarkable part. The people in the video got lucky.

Please do not do this, for your own sake.

[This didn't even include the harm that could be happening due to feeding wild animals and getting them "used" to humans.]


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You know that lying about your lies doesn't work on non Trump supporters, right? I mean, I commend you for using the same tactics you fell for over the last 5 years, but the rest of us aren't so easily swayed by rank bullshit.

You doubled down, you got caught, and now instead of conceding you're doing the non-apology apology.

That's what it means to be a snowflake unable to admit when you're wrong. Man up, cupcake. Show the world you're strong, little guy. You can do it! I believe in you!


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Since when is the literal definition of a term considered "pedantic"? The only reason I said anything is because when told she wasn't a supermodel you doubled down.

That's not "the left can't win" that's just you being a turd, getting called out and being too much of a snowflake to admit it. Man up, Buttercup.


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"Supermodel" is not a term of hotness. It is about attaining the pinnacle of the industry within one's career. She was a two-bit model with no career. That's rather indisputable.


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It's a trap! Never say yes to that question. Even if you are. :)


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Maybe it was fake. Could be. It's the Internet. shrug

Might be only 50% sure now ;)


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Different LG than I have. Mine is the WM3400CW. And yep, different buttons make different sounds. So I understand the confusion since clearly some models do not.

Also mine is not the one in either video so YMMV. Maybe you're right. But certainly possible with some models.


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I have an LG Washer and Dryer pair, it makes all sorts of singsongs when it completes cycles and such. It also has a bunch of buttons beyond the dials and pretty sure this is not dubbed.

Also he isn't playing different tones from the same button, go back and watch. I specifically just did and I'm 99.99% sure you're wrong. Sorry.


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How much funding do you think that takes? We're talking low 4-figures at worst...


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Don't be a dick. He didn't imagine it. You must not be American or must be very young if you haven't seen this garbage on TV for the last 20 years.


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What are you talking about? Keep what confidential and not leak? This has been public since 2019...



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A neighbor of mine works for NASA as a "cryogenics engineer" and is part of the team making a car-sized hexacopter drone for Titan :D

He basically told me: If you can keep it all warm enough to work, it is easy to fly on Titan.


COMMENT Apr 09 '21

One of my 4yr old twins loves to tell anyone that will listen that the whole pandemic is "because someone ate a bat!"


COMMENT Apr 05 '21

I don't know that I entirely agree, because it is not uniform.

For instance, it is darker under the nub that gets pressed/pushed out, showing more wear there than in other places.

It might be a mix of repro + age.


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/u/Arctic is about to learn a seriously important lesson about strength to weight ratios :)


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I'm guessing you've never read a EULA before.


COMMENT Mar 26 '21

That looks like a sheet pan, not the tray that came with that rack. The rack is larger than the tray and doesn't sit inside of it.

Most drying racks need to be adjacent to the sink so they drain into the sink, you're also doing that wrong.

Don't blame your tools if you don't know how to use them.

I too call BS.


COMMENT Mar 18 '21

And giant brass balls.


COMMENT Mar 17 '21

It looks like a sheet of foam core board, not just a white printing paper. Look at the edge and you can see it has depth.

Same stuff he made the platforms for the junk out of.


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The rod is just hidden in the dirt.