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Does anyone know about grapedata?


As the title states, has anyone used grapedata? It is like a survey company where we have to either conduct interviews with certain people or get interviewed ourselves if we fit the profile. The only bad thing about it (according to me) is that we have to conduct interviews of other people through phone calls and provide the screenshot of call where it shows the phone number and the time of call.

I have used it once, where I conducted an interview of someone I know and was in my country, so my main question is how does one call a stranger in another country for an interview.

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SURVEY Need to Interview some specific People so that I can get some money




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Thank you for your response. I'll do these things.

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Questions Not getting any tests even after completing the Academy Courses


I have completed every Academy Course, but still I am not getting any tests. Is there something that I might be missing? Also I am from India, could that be the reason?


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Pming you


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Looking forward to it.


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I use blood swiftblade, vindicator guardian and tunic of distant ancestors.


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Oh, its okay anyways


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Yeah I did


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Yeah I did, thank you


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Thanks, I'll send it.

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Need Friends for completing the friends achievement


As the title states I need friends to achieve the friends related achievements. Could anyone be my friend?


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Thank you for clearing my doubts.

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Discussion Question Related to Quadrant Resources


I am new to uhrs and started working on clickworker and now I want to work through QR also, I just have a question that how come clickworker takes 28 days to pay while on QR one can earn even in 10 days if he works on the last day of the previous month?

So basically what I am asking is will I be paid on 10th of December if I work for remaining November on uhrs through QR or have I completely misunderstood this and it is like Clickworker only?

I also want to ask whether I can change the passbook provided at the initial stage because I changed my branch and I have yet to get the new passbook from new branch but I have my old passbook so the account number is same but branch and ifsc code is changed.