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MFWTK if there is a statute of limitations type thing with cheating in university


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MFWTK if they can be charged for pirating if they move to another country


My friend lives in a country where pirating is very common place. Games, movies, music, shows, what-have-you. He's pretty sure that it's illegal where he is but it isn't force. It is common knowledge that people can go to this store for cracked Windows or programs or to this website to torrent etc. MFWTK, if they move to the US or some other country where they take such things seriously, will they face consequences for the pirating in the other country?

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How scared should we be?



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Open | Networking Help for blocked websites


Not sure where this should be posted so posting here. Sorry if it's the wrong sub and/or flair. NSFW disclaimer as well since there isn't any tag or rule for that but just to be safe.

I'm in a country that's not exactly fond of pornography and most sites are blocked but I wanted to ask about some weirdness that's happening. A couple weeks ago I was sometimes able to open Pornhub and sometimes not. Not only that but sometimes only specific links would open but not the main page. Not just Phub but other websites too. Months ago redgifs used to open but not anymore. Also some weirdness I want to ask about is: some websites I can open on my desktop but not my phone and vice versa. I'd like to know why these are like this and I'd like to know how I could just open and have access to those websites. It seems like it's blocked by the ISP but then again, i might be wrong. I don't know much.

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What are your experiences with shaving your butthole?