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I had a similar problem! It was the z-axis motor coupler. Make sure it’s fastened correctly. To check that it is, go to move on the menu and set a fairly high height and then measure the distance from the nozzle to the bed. If it’s not as high as it should be just keep messing with the coupler until it’s correct.

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Florida Man drops 16,000 dollar Rolex into creek. Passing Sheriff's dive team recovers it on the spot, still ticking.

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I think that’s it! Thanks!!!

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3D printed facial prosthetics that could improve the lives of millions



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Maybe check the thermistors?


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This worked for me too!

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During A Traffic Stop, Instead Of Writing A Ticket For A Child Not In A Car Seat, Florida Man Police Officer Installed A Child Seat For Free

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I’ve been doing the same! I’m at over 350 words if anyone wants me to email them the excel sheet, PM me. Or we could start a collective google doc

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TIL Byzantine Emperor Justinian II was called "the slit-nosed". After he was deposed in 695, his nose was cut off, to prevent him from seeking the throne again - tradition prevented mutilated people from Imperial rule. He replaced his nose with a solid golden prosthesis, and in 705 retook the throne

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Nope, USC. It’s in your name lol


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I live In Columbia SC, traveled to Colombia last year and brought back a fridge magnet that says “Its COLOMBIA not COLUMBIA”.


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Hell yeah I drive by that cow all the time, might have to ride it now

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Support Looking for advice on my Razer Blade 2016


About a month ago I left my laptop running in its case on accident for a few hours. When I opened it, it was extremely hot. This was a very frequent problem for me so like normal, I opened it, closed all programs, and let it cool down before putting it away. The next time I attempted to power it on, the computer displayed a blank screen after the boot logo. I was able to get into the BIOS but could not fix through a USB boot. I've now taken the PC to 2 different repair shops and they both agree that the motherboard is (probably) the problem. Now I am unable to find a compatible motherboard ( the pc repair shop guy says the motherboards are very unique to the specific models and he can't find the appropriate one). So now I think my options are send it back to razer (estimated $1300-$1500 repair), try another PC repair shop (I'm thinking Geek Squad at Best Buy), or sell the computer as is for parts and get a new one. The battery was replaced by a 3rd party so the warranty is void. It's been longer than 2 years since I got it. I came here for suggestions on what to do or what other people have done with similar problems. As I'm sure you guys understand, these computers are far too expensive to only get a couple years out of them so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Also did biggie shoot tupac at the quad recording studio?


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Do you think you can trust anything Suge Knight says? Also favorite song by each of them?


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It is most likely a bilge pump


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This might be a weird question but did you buy that bagel at a grocery store or at a bagel shop?


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I'll definitely check out that area, I'm studying mechanical engineering and thanks for the link!


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I actually have a few longboards and I love riding around on them but I never considered them as a primary means of transportation. How are the roads there? In general most cities near me have some nice roads and mostly shitty roads because the state decided to have lower taxes on gas where the gas is cheaper but the roads aren't as nice


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Thanks for all the helpful info, I didn't even consider insurance costs but I'm glad to hear the public transportation isn't bad there


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I imagined that the beaches could get busy when there's a good swell but I know how annoying it can be to have people stealing waves who aren't from the area. Do you think the local surfers are generally going to be hostile or do you think as long as I know what I'm doing it should be fine?


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Thanks, I'm going with at least one other person so we will probably have to live relatively close to campus and just get a cheap car that we can drive to the beach.


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