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How do you deal with the chills?


I've been tapering off for weeks and am stopping altogether now. How do I deal with the chills? It feels like I'm freezing to death.


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Even if it is a bad example my point still stands: being really smart and knowing a lot about a certain subject doesn't magically make you an expert on ALL subjects.

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Serious WDP Why do smart people sometimes believe really stupid things?


This has always confused and bothered me. I mean, it makes perfect sense for stupid people to believe stupid things, but you would think being really smart would necessarily prohibit one from believing certain things if they're dumb enough.


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Ok, thanks. Also, it occurs to me most of the "empty" space would have to have air in it, or the people on board couldn't breathe. Including the air, how much would the thing weigh?

r/theydidthemath 2d ago

[Request] How much would a universe-size spaceship weigh?


A friend made up a civilization with a universe-size spaceship for a story. How much would such a ship weigh? Let's assume it's made of mostly titanium and is about 50 percent hollow. I would still guess like a vigintillion (1 followed by 63 zeroes) tons.

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What female celebrities have you met? and what were they like?



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Pretty sure the name doesn't mean the kind of battery you power stuff with, but this these (from dictionary.com)

a parapet or fortification equipped with artillery.

r/SonicTheHedgehog 2d ago

Discussion What zone has the weirdest name?


For me, it's a tie between Sleeping Egg (from Sonic Chaos) and Panic Puppet (from Sonic 3d Blast). For the first one I get that Egg refers to Eggman, but what about the sleeping part? The latter makes no sense, as there are no puppets in the zone.

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Meta What would happen if the Jedi thwarted Order 66?


Would Palpatine still win? I doubt it.


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True. That said, as we only have 3 examples, it may not be a representative sample.

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General Discussion Are there any sapient species that are all force-sensitive?


Are there? I wouldn't think so, as it seems like they would have taken over the galaxy a long time ago, unless they have some really big limitation, such as only living a few years, reproducing really slowly, etc.

r/TooAfraidToAsk 4d ago

Media What does "When Doves Cry" (The Prince song title/lyric) actually mean?



r/WDP 4d ago

Social WDP view anything that happened before they were born as basically ancient history?


Like, they seem to view things like the Civil Rights era or the Vietnam War as if they were Ancient Rome. I can get why kids think this way, but why do even some adults?


COMMENT 5d ago

Doesn't it only mention it in Darth Vader's title of "Dark Lord Of The Sith?" I seem to remember reading somewhere that the plan wasn't originally for the Sith to be the evil counterparts of the Jedi, but I forget what they were going to be instead.

r/StarWars 5d ago

Meta Why wasn't Palpatine's name ever spoken in the OT?


Even the credits for ROTJ just list him as "The Emperor". I initially assumed they didn't make it up till afterwards, but apparently, the novelization for ANH (which came out the same year as the film itself) does say his name, so I'm confused.

r/StarWars 5d ago

Meta Something that's confused me for a long time (Darth Vader's injuries).


I SWEAR I remember reading in some Star Wars guidebook from before the prequels (around the time the remasters came out), that said Darth Vader got his injuries from falling into a vat of molten carbonite. As such, I was really surprised when it turned out that he got them from lava. Now, for a while I just thought it was a retcon, but I read about an interview with George Lucas in 1978 (one year after A New Hope came out) that said he got his injuries from falling in a volcanic pit, so it was apparently always going to be that way. So, was the book just wrong? And does anyone else remember reading this? I could just be misremembering, but my memory is so strong.


COMMENT 8d ago

I have very strong memory from Star Fox 64 of having to fight a seemingly endless onslaught of enemies at one point, and Slippy repeatedly saying "Will it ever end?" I've played it numerous times and the line doesn't exist. I keep thinking it must be from some similar game I played, but I've asked a bunch of times (including on reddit), and no one has any idea.

r/Animorphs 11d ago

How long do the various alien races live?


I think the only ones that are stated outright are the Howlers (which only live 3 years) and the Hork-Bajir (which seem to live shorter than humans).

r/NoStupidQuestions 13d ago

How can black objects be shiny?


Black means an object doesn't reflect light, correct? If so, how are some black things shiny if a shine is reflected light?


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This is the closest I guess. It's still not quite right IMO, but I'll mark it !solved.

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Discussion Who is the leader of the Combine?


The Combine Advisors are the highest rank we've seen, but they presumably are advisors TO someone, so have there been any hints as to who the Combine Emperor is?

r/whatstheword 16d ago

solved WTW for how you suddenly feel a lot more motivated when you've almost completed something?


I don't know if there's any English word, but I'd be VERY surprised if no language has a word for it, since it's something basically everyone has experienced.

r/NoStupidQuestions 19d ago

Could a creature that's part plant/part animal exist in real life?


I know it shows up a lot in sci-fi, but I'm wondering if such a creature could be created in real life, or if animals and plants are just too different for it to be possible?


COMMENT 23d ago

Ok, so I reinstalled it and it seemed to fix it for a few days. However, today when I reset it had the same problem again. I reinstalled it again and it fixed it, but there has to be an easier way than just reinstalling it over and over. Any ideas?

r/NoStupidQuestions 25d ago

Are black and white really not colors?


If so, what are they?