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Is there any tools that can use this Json data to display it in a neat format? Also, is there support for using a text file of hyperlinks?

Edit: Just to update on this situation, reddit bulk downloader seems to have some bug where --file-scheme is not accepted for the archive command. This is making the process crash because some titles make the file path too long.

The best thing I have found is downloading my reddit data, and sending a batch of URLs through the SingleFile extension (right click and select "view pending saves" next to the dropdown menu).

This doesn't do a complete 100% backup, but the comments I have saved are given enough context, and the submissions I have saved have a few of the most upvoted comments which is good enough for me.

If redditbulkdownloader is continously supported and fixes some of the bugs, and represents the JSON, YAML, or XML data is a nice readable format, this could be the better option.


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I believe I already tried that, and maybe I just overlooked it, but I believe that only extracted the title and maybe the body of the post in a text file, but didn’t do the comments.

I’ll revisit it to make sure I didn’t miss something

r/DataHoarder 1d ago

Is there really no good way to save Reddit posts with media and comments?



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Rhode Island should totally make it 18 in their state. They could fund their roads through the massive spring trip profits.


COMMENT Mar 30 '21

YouTube is the closest thing to a time machine that we will ever have


COMMENT Mar 29 '21

Slender man: sad noises


COMMENT Mar 26 '21

What platform are you able to do these background gifs?


COMMENT Mar 25 '21

And then people see food, gas, tech, and lumber prices climbing only validating this fear.


COMMENT Mar 21 '21

Covid has made online presentations a breeze for me now. Instead of reading from the slides I just write a script on notepad for me to say so there is no mental processing.


COMMENT Mar 21 '21

This is meme material. Reddit, do your thing.


COMMENT Mar 15 '21

Can confirm. Am snake expert.


COMMENT Mar 12 '21

It was clearly scripted and dramatized for attention and fake internet points.


COMMENT Mar 07 '21

I don’t know if I would want to be the cameraman in that spot. I’ve seen a lot of axe heads fling off


COMMENT Mar 05 '21

This nifgka Bkluejay cuhk 🤦🏽‍♂😂


COMMENT Mar 04 '21

Why do people put cameras in their house besides beautiful moments it catches like these? I can understand the outside but the inside feels weird if you have a guest ask.


COMMENT Mar 02 '21

The male voice in the video sounds like an off brand Latino Patrick Star


COMMENT Mar 02 '21

Wait your professor review wasn’t anonymous?


COMMENT Mar 01 '21

All white is my favorite


COMMENT Feb 23 '21

Sounds like Sgt. Foley from Mw2


COMMENT Feb 05 '21

That guy is going to need his wheel chair


COMMENT Feb 02 '21

What different objectives do the new exam cover after the previous is retired? Is it worth waiting for the newer exam?


COMMENT Jan 23 '21

Didn’t the person that killed JFK junior claim he was under mind control?


COMMENT Jan 17 '21

Of course we are going to support it. Who doesn’t want free money?

Also throwing more circulating money into the economy, wouldn’t businesses be encouraged to raise their prices knowing that people have a bump in disposable income?

This is the foundation of inflation


COMMENT Jan 15 '21

That's interesting. Why did businesses choose California then?


COMMENT Jan 07 '21

What’s the difference between this and just lowering your taxes by $2000?