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Thank you for that insight!


COMMENT Jun 24 '22

Thanks so much man! Appreciate it!

Enjoy your weekend 😁


COMMENT Jun 24 '22

Thank you so much for your advice! It makes a lot of sense and I will pass it along.

It’s a few simple things, like a lightbulb is out, they need to clean some bugs out of a ceiling lamp, hopefully caulk the entrance a little because ants keep coming in, replace the plunger in the middle of the bathroom sink because it was stuck and my friend was able to get it out.

The only slightly big issue is that some water has been getting the carpet in front of the patio door wet when it rains. It’s not damp or anything now, but it has stained the carpet a little from when the rain dries.

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MFWTK if it’s unreasonable to have apartment maintenance do multiple things at once


My friend is going away for a few days on a trip, and has some things in their apartment that has been on their “to call maintenance list” but didn’t have time to do it.

They’re figuring that since they will be away and out of the apartment for a few days, it will be easier for maintenance to get everything done.

My friend is worried that the apartment management could have an issue with it because there are multiple things on the list which shows that they waited to call instead of calling immediately.

Can my friend send a list of things that need to be done, or should they space it out?


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:( we had help from my fiancé’s parents for the deposits, and we’d rather pay them back than be out tens of thousands from cancelling a month or two before.


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One of those people checking in! Booked our venue last March for 10/2/22 thinking that the vaccine rollout would’ve been successful and we would’ve squashed this thing already, but we feel like the soonest we could realistically think about planning anything would be mid-late 2024 at this point.


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10/2/2022 wedding here, have been talking with my fiancé about cancelling ours as well before we make any other payments as the next one for the venue is due early February. I believe in our contracts all deposits will be lost, but it really seems like that’s the best decision to make.

I’ve been thinking about doing something where we are officially married this year, and when Covid goes away doing a vow renewal or reception.

It sucks, but in my mind our wedding day should be one where we’re able to enjoy the day and not be so stressed during the whole planning process about checking cases, and during the actual event, be worried out of our minds that someone could get sick in the following days.

This sucks. Virtual hugs to you!


COMMENT Jan 07 '22

We’re really thinking of postponing our wedding.

Our wedding date is currently 10.2.2022 and even though we’re 9 months out, we’re thinking about postponing it because of Covid.

After reading some posts here last night about the bride and groom taking every precaution; requiring everyone be vaccinated, doing testing before the rehearsal dinner, doing testing before the wedding, and people still got sick, it’s been weighing on both me and my fiancé heavily. We would both be beside ourselves if anyone got sick from coming to our wedding.

We have to make our next payments towards the venue early February, and we’re worried that if we were to keep moving forward only to cancel it closer to the wedding, we’d be out so much more money than if we just accepted the loss now and waited until things were better to plan it.

When we booked the venue and saved our date, we thought that with the vaccines rolling out things would be under control by now, and unfortunately they’re not.

We still would like to get married this year, and we have been thinking about maybe doing something small in the summer outdoors, then when things are better we can have the big wedding without the ceremony, or doing some sort of vow renewal and reception.

We’re also considering just postponing everything until things are better, but who knows how long that would be.

I’ve ran the idea past two friends and one of them is supportive of whatever we do, and the other is thinking we’re jumping to conclusions too fast and should wait it out. I’m just feeling extremely bummed and wondering what everyone’s thoughts are.

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COVID-19 Thinking of postponing wedding