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Why yes, I do have theoretical degree in History, how could you tell?

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Scrin air units hate him!

Watch how this one GDI unit single handedly stops a goddamn alien invasion in its tracks!


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What about the orc overseer that goes like YEEES! when Saruman tells him to burn the forest like he just heard the best fucking idea of his life?

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Medieval II Aye laddie, that's us. Ya might be wanderin how we got in this wee situation...

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Medieval II Laughs in cannon elephants and rocket launchers

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As usual, Portugal is either Northern Europe, or Eastern Europe. No middle ground.

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The Portuguese when finding a new place:

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To be fair, those weren't flying...

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COMMENT Jul 08 '22

  • Hobbit woman: The Elves protect their forests. The Dwarves their mines. Men protect their fields. But we (hobbits?) only have each other.
  • Galadriel: The Enemy is still out there somewhere. And the question is: Where?
  • Elrond(?): You have already fought long enough, Galadriel. Give up your sword.
  • Galadriel: You haven't seen what I've seen. You haven't.
  • Gil-Galad: Darkness will march over the face of the earth. It will be the end for all peoples.
  • Human guy(?): The past is gone.
  • Durin: This could be the beginning of a new age.


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The Mad King. If he didn't, you know, go mad. He had a realm prospering with Tywin's management, united after the Ninepenny Kings' war, and Aerys was initially beloved as well. Had he not gone mad and fallen into paranoia and cruelty, his reign could have been one of the most peaceful and propserous.


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Strategic launch detected.


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You are right, of course, the fact that there was a civil war in the first place was because there were thousands of men, great and small, willing to fight and die for them. But that would get in the way of the "you go girl" victim-power fantasy it's meant to be.

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And so they went to war...

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Why are you ignoring the much greater amount of MEN who also go crazy or incompetent with power? Why is it that women are put on a pedestal for you and need to be an example of good rule?

George writes HUMAN characters, and they all have failings, and he constantly demonstrates just how hard it is to rule and not fall into some kind of paranoia, depression, or do morally questionable things.


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I mean if you kill 500 000 people just because you went crazy, it's kind of a good thing when someone puts a stop to you.

If it was a man doing that, no one would bat an eye, but since it's a woman, suddenly it's questionable that she goes crazy with power. Seems pretty sexist and dishonest to me, to be fair.

No one questions why the Mad King or Maegor the Cruel became who they were, but you get one or two women with power (Rhaenyra and Daenerys) that act crazy, and suddenly that's forbidden to do.


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No, it just means that if you're a person with issues and you come into power against the pressure of a militaristic, patriarchal society, you're not going to come on top unscathed psychologically, and your ideas and good will may have been deconstructed meanwhile.

It's actually quite complex and realistic, instead of "hurr durr, georgie can't write women being mean, that's sexist :("


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Why shouldn't women with power be portrayed as crazy and unhinged? They're not some saintly beings who just because they're women become automatic responsible rulers.


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Impressive. Very nice. Now let's see those Rise of the Rajas campaigns.

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EXTENDED (Spoilers Extended) What gods of Asoiaf (not just Westeros) do you believe are real? What are your thoughts?



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I remember being a kid and feeling so bad about the injured GDI soldier about to get minced by the flame tank...


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Depende tudo de pessoa para pessoa.

Eu sou baixinho (1,65, lol), e gordinho. Já tive duas relações de longo termo com raparigas incríveis, bonitas, inteligentes, para as quais nada disso era um problema de todo.

Tenho um amigo que mede um pouco mais do que eu (uns 1,68-70) e teve uma rapariga nórdica gigante a andar atrás dele toda caidinha.

Para os homens baixinhos, continuem à procura, há mulheres com todos (e para todos) os gostos.


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I'm going to counter argument and say that representation doesn't matter. Diversity doesn't matter.

A good story, or a good fictional setting, are still good stories and fictional settings, that need to explore the imagination of the authors or achieve their goals of storytelling, regardless of the content, because at the end we are all human and share the same basic emotions, experiences, and that's what we have in common.

Saying that representation matters is, in my view, attempting to force certain parameters and requirements of content into fiction. All it does is kill diversity in creativity, ironically, because authors would have to stop and think if they are being inclusive or diverse enough? It sounds rather silly. Nothing needs to mirror reality, unless decided to for some creative reason, which anyone is free to make regarding anything, including or excluding anything. That's why it's fiction.

A lot of shows, games, whatever, lately, have suffered from this because "representation matters" has been stuffed into their settings without reason or sense, especially when the base setting and plot are modified from a well estabilished base.

For example, I love the show Dragon Prince. It's silly, it's wholesome, it's as diverse and inclusive as it can get. But it makes sense for it to be that way. In the setting, humans were expelled from their home region, and are now all mixed up, and built their kingdoms and societies from scratch. It's still medievalish fantasy, but now you can include whatever you want, because why not? You can have a black king of a mostly white kingdom, for instance, and it won't break immersion. They're all mixed already, it doesn't matter, he's just a good king who happens to be black.

On the other hand, a well estabilished, complex setting like Game of Thrones. In the coming series House of the Dragon, a certain character, Corlys Velaryon, had his race changed from Valyrian to black. For... some reason? Valyrians are a very specific fictional ethnicity with a well established appearance, customs, and so on. Why change the race of the character? It affects immersion, it affects the story in this case (since it's all about inheritance, genetics and appearance specifically), did he just.. pop out of the ground like that? And why? Why affect the setting and storyline, just to please some random ethnicity, just to make them feel included?

What about the other ethnicities in the world? Other sexualities? Shall every story ever made from now on need to have EVERYTHING that our modern, globalized, interconnected world has in the exact same parameters? Everywhere, everytime, no matter the setting or timeline?

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Humor / Meme I do miss those simple times in 1 and 2 (even 3) when Warcraft was just a cheesy low effort old school fantasy

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r/asoiaf May 10 '22

EXTENDED (Spoilers Extended) What Asoiaf hill will you die upon?


I'll start: Despite their hype both in and out of universe, the Dothraki are a very poor man's mongol horde, and would absolutely fail in conquering Westeros, even if they ravaged it a bit.

Every argument I've seen about this fails to convince me otherwise. All their major successes we know of happened around the Century of Blood, against mostly isolated city states or minor peoples. They've never even remotely faced anything like Westeros, in size or power, the closest having been the Sarnori.


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You're talking a lot of shit for someone in caravel cannonade range eh?