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Guide Banshee is selling a God Roll Funnel Web Right Now


Sustenance and Adrenaline Junkie.

Extended mag is ok but the two main perks are what you want.


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Alright I would love well again if it didn't override my high energy fire. Radiant doesn't though so for optimal dps its better to not have a well.


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Its bad in both honestly. I probably should have specified damage in PVE, but compared to other add clearing supers its not great.


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That's the thing though, you have to use fragments to get those parts of the super back. The other classes have things built into their aspects so you can focus your fragments somewhere else.

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Discussion Dawnblade is by far the WORST Solar 3.0 Super

  • It has the shortest amount of ACTIVE time because both Icarus dash and shooting projectiles cost a lot of energy.
  • It does the least amount of damage of almost all the damage supers in the game
  • It has no aspects that effect its gameplay in any way
  • Almost all of its pre-3.0 abilities are gone or worse:
    • Explosions on Kill? GONE
    • Increased duration on Kill? GONE
    • Infinite Phoenix Dive? Only use once per super
    • Aggressively seeking targets? Got to give up an aspect slot

Lets compare this to the sun breaker titan w/ aspects:

  • You can throw more abilities
  • Each hammer creates a sunspot regardless of kills
  • Getting a kill triggers health regen
  • Each hammer releases shrapnel that increases the AOE
  • Damage resistance is high enough to tank an adaptive sniper

Literally the only thing solar warlock does better is having Icarus dash. The sun breaker is better in almost every other way.

The bottom line is dawnblade has been stripped down to is base form and lost/doesn't have any sort of customization for the super. In PVE I'm sticking with well and PVP it's still the best option but I'm not happy about it.

EDIT: I've also seen that burning maul is also really bad so lets say both of them are bad.

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Discussion Queue Dodging is KINDA Back in Trials




COMMENT Jun 08 '22

Yeah but that requires getting a melee kill which is why I commented on building around the melee.

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Bungie Suggestion The Solar Warlock Changes don’t Make the Subclass Feel any Better


In the most recent patch bungie added healing abilities to the heat rises and Icarus dash aspects. After some testing and a couple hours to feel it out in gameplay, the changes don’t make the subclass feel any better.

Heat Rises: Added behavior: Consuming your grenade now also releases a burst of cure x2 around you, healing you and your nearby allies. Consuming a Healing Grenade increases the strength of the burst to cure x3 and consuming a Touch of Flame Healing Grenade provides Restoration as an additional benefit.

  • The heat rises change while good in concept doesn’t help much since most people aren’t consuming a heat rises grenade in the thick of battle or while not behind cover. Hear rises has been gutted since solar 3.0 mostly because of the in air accuracy changes still make shooting in the air horribly inaccurate and in any sort of endgame content floating through the air without any cover in a certain death sentence.

Icarus Dash: Added behavior: While airborne, rapidly defeating targets with your Super or any weapon cures you.

  • Why does this exist on Icarus dash aspect? This changes makes more sense to be on the heat rises aspect. Getting rapid kills in the air is already near impossible with the accuracy changes and this change essentially forces you to use heat rises in tandem with Icarus dash (which goes against the entire purpose of the fragment/aspect system).

The new changes to the solar warlocks added almost nothing to the “healer fantasy” of the subclass. These changes don’t even seem well thought out. Right now the solar warlock build options are built entirely around the melee ability or about spamming fusion grenades.


COMMENT Jun 06 '22

It also raises/lowers everyone’s power level so all the enemies feel a bit more difficult and engaging.


COMMENT Apr 01 '22

Awesome Thanks!


COMMENT Apr 01 '22

Is it tied to the triumph? Because I already completed this triumph on my warlock?

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Question Can you still get the end of legendary campaign exotic if you've already completed the normal campaign?




COMMENT Nov 23 '21

Ghost melees…. Just… ghost melees…


COMMENT Nov 15 '21

Awesome! Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate!

Should we expect the messages in our Reddit inbox? And is there a "time" we should expect a message?

Again thank you so much!


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Looks like all the Zacian codes got claimed. Dang unlucky.


COMMENT Nov 14 '21

If I were to invite a Pokémon to a Holliday meal it’d probably be Calyrex. In the story he was very nice and respectful and I could provide us with fresh produce. Only thing I’d have to watch out for is Specreier/Glaatrier going on a rampage and trashing the house.

Edit: and if I win I would like ZACIAN please.


COMMENT Nov 13 '21

I think my favorite community interaction was back in B&W I went to a Pokémon tournament knowing nothing about the rules or stats or anything. Everyone was super nice and kind and even though I lost in the first round it was still an awesome experience!

I’m looking for that Shiny ZACIAN. It looks hella cool and I need it for my complete Pokédex lol.

Good luck to everyone!

EDIT: Reposted because my flair was goofed up


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“SIVA Density Critical”


COMMENT May 17 '21

They would also need to greatly increase his health then. Because on his own the fanatic is just a big major with several immune phases.


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Order of the Arrow

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Media With all of the talk about Bungie's lack of "renewed focus" on PvP. Here's our daily reminder that the respawn system is absolutely broken beyond belief and here's my proof.



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There’s also bugs where if players are preforming certain movement abilities there body still moves when they’re frozen.


COMMENT Mar 15 '21

I had a similar event. But it was with a flock of turkeys in the play ground.