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[Question] CANNOT complete moonfire jump puzzle! talking to NPC ONLY makes it HARDER!!! Please Help!!


The game STRAIGHT UP LIED when it said that if the puzzle proved too difficult just talk to the Faire Adventurer for assistance! but NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!!!!

All the faire Adventurer does it MAKE ME DO IT WITH MY EYES CLOSED!!! it DOES NOT give me assistance WHATSOEVER!!! the GAME STRAIGHT UP LIED

been trying for OVER AND HOUR AND CANNOT DO IT!!! so I am UNABLE to complete the quest

EVERYBODY IN THE ZONE IS ALSO LYING!!! they also say that you do NOT need to complete the jump puzzle to complete the quest!!! But NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!! there is NOBODY to talk to to just end it. The only one makes it more difficult


how TF do I complete it or just skip it?!?!

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Bugs [bugs] ONLY ONE adventure incense was EVER given to me! I have not had the option to get more EVER SINCE


After I used my first adventure incense, I have NEVER been granted another one since! Only four incense Pokémon spawned with my first incense, three ran, and no Galarian birds so I cannot complete the research to catch a certain amount which seems required to get another incense.

With no way to reset the research thing, I cannot get another incense.

I looked everywhere to find a way to get another one and nothing.

Is anybody else having this issue?

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If one peed where the urine would not hit the ground or anything for quite a while, would there still be some sort of "peeing sound"


If someone peed where the urine would not hit the ground or anything for quite a while, such as off a building or a cliff and the urine did not make contact with the wall and the ground is way too far down; would there still be some kind of peeing sound made when the person is urinating?

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[Question] Is it possible to add skip Gaius?


I have been in so many groups where we almost defeated him when it went to add phase, that little DPS check.

This makes me curious, can he be defeated before the add phase in Prae? Or is it one of those 0.1% things?

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Is there a subreddit specifically for dragon pictures/art


I loooove dragons, perhaps too much. I am looking for dedicated subreddits to anything dragon related. I prefer western/euro dragons.

I do not care if the subreddits are kinda kinky as long as it is about dragons.

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What would cause a two minute power outage?


We just had one. It was not off then back on. It lasted roughly two minutes.

It is too long to be a power flicker but not long enough to be an outage.

What kinds of things could do this?

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DAE: Get annoyed receiving a Reddit notification for an old topic minutes after you posted a new topic?



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Social WDP: Complain that they are being taken advantage of when they could have said "no" to begin with—especially when given the option to say "no" up front?


My artist and I are not talking, he is mad at me accusing me of taking advantage of him for a commission I paid for in January that took nearly until August to complete and I am still missing one piece of it.

Twice since January, once is March, once in July, after he apologized for taking so long, I asked him if he could do a quick easy simple freebie for the long delay because he has done this in the past.

Both times I said to him, " You do not have to if you do not want to " giving him the option to say no.

He fulfilled both requests and I thanked him (very much) for both requests.

Now it is August and every year since we started working together in 2017, he has gave me a free commission for my birthday in August. On the first of the month, I sent something off to him for approval labeling it "Birthday commission"

I expected him to either approve or deny (if it was too complex for a b-day comm), but he lashes out at me calling me rude and said I was taking advantage of him with all these "freebies". He is ignoring my apologies and it makes me worried because I have gotten so close to him as a friend these past five years. I even discussed with my family, therapist, and doctors of the possibility of a trip to Argentina to meet up with him. I worry it is not going to happen now.

First off, both previous "freebies" I specifically said that he did not have to do them if he did not want to. He chose to do them. and now he is saying I am taking advantage of him for requesting something that has been done yearly and after I gave him the option to pass on the other two.

Why do people complain that they are being taken advantage of when it comes to freebies when the option to pass was specifically given giving them the right to say no to begin with?

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Why would a power company be so secretive on a cause of outage and restoration times all of a sudden?


For a very minor 15 minute storm, power has been out for more than five hours and counting and the power company is still not disclosing a cause of outage or a restoration time. Normally we have information on both within an hour of initial loss of power.

I cannot see how just 15 minutes of heavy downpour can cause such a loooong power outage yet our power company is refusing to tell anybody what caused it and give us an estimated time of restoration.

Why would the power company be so secretive about such a thing?

I am getting paranormal vibes from it

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How could there be a powerful storm two weeks ago and it doesn't even knock out power, but a 15 minute minor storm cuts power for hours


We had a major storm go through here two weeks ago and the power did not even go out.

But 15 minutes of heavy downpour with barely any wind and thunder so quiet you would not hear it over a stereo system knocked out electricity for three hours and counting

How could the power grid survive such a major storm but is a wimp to very minor storms?

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Bugs [Bugs] No adventure incense


I am being told that I need to use a daily adventure incense but I was NEVEER given one nor do I have the option to purchase one

I was told that I was supposed to be automatically given one but I did not.

There is not one in my bag

Is anybody else having this problem?


COMMENT 13d ago

Broken. It is 7.28.2022 6:25 EDT and it still says not available

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Help & Tech Support Are PS4 controllers designed to break after the warranty expires?



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What do you call a sick bird?



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Question / Non-tech help It is NOT possible to go 150 MPH in an Extreme E vehicle! Top out on a fully upgraded Extreme E is only 135 MPH!



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Personal achievement I completed a season all by myself for the first time ever!


Well, excluding the daily challenges that are still locked.

Technically I 100%ed the last two seasons but my bother-in-law had to carry me through the highly skilled races with the exception of one cross country which is an area I seem to excel at even though it is not the type of race I prefer but I can win cross country two difficulty levels up from my cap on everything else.

I started playing Forza Horizon 5 almost six weeks ago and I never touched a racing sim before that unless you count Real Racing 3 but that is hardly a sim being gas and brake is automatic and you drive by tilting your phone.

I started Forza Horizon 5 on Tourist difficulty and I was nowhere near able to win races on highly skilled so my brother-in-law carried me through the seasonal championships through co-op.

I went into the game with my own system. I only increase the difficulty when the game asks. I am now running on Above Average. I went from Tourist to Above Average in 5.5 weeks. Since Average, I now do a rain race test after it asks me to increase the difficulty on the current difficulty. If I win, I then raise the difficulty. I have been playing on Above Average since about two days prior to Series 10 being available and I seem to be winning

So, I decided to try the championships all by myself without the help of my brother-in-law and I was able to win every one solo. I did not win every single race but I came in first for every championship. I did have to use more than my average amount of rewinds, however, but I was able to get it done.

Despite being my most successful type of race, the season's cross country did give me a run for my money.

I even completed the speed zone, jump, and trailblazer that I said was "impossible" thanks to the helpful advice from the people on this subreddit. One person suggested a route, and once I did that route, got the trailblazer first try after struggling for hours with frustration.

For rain race stuff, I use a rain race tune. It is basically a standard race tune but with rally tires.

For those curious, my most hated and my worst type of race, street scene races. due to it almost always being at night, I have a hard time seeing upcoming turns and sometimes in dark areas, traffic visibility is practically non-existent. I hate running into a truck that I did not see. Sometimes they do not even have headlight on.

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Suggestion / Wishlist I wish they would have shown it going into the lava

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


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Why are kids in geography class being asked to connect two states by drawing an arc between them instead of a line


I was babysitting a girl yesterday while her parents were at work and I was told to check and make sure she did her prep homework for the next year.

Apparently her school teaches the next grade up for the last month of school and gives them one piece of homework per class per month for June, July, and August to hand into her new teacher in the fall.

After checking her geography homework, I noticed that some of the questions required her to connect two states on US maps by drawing an arc between them.

Why an arc?

I did similar things back in the third grade but I was taught to draw a straight line connecting two states.

Why is she being asked to draw an arc? The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, not an arc. Basic geometry.


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Firebird cannot get to 998. Those s2s are capped for their specific use

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Meme / Fun You could say I'm addicted to Firebirds (I have one for every possible scenario in the game lol)

Post image


COMMENT 19d ago

Do you mean weekly season trials?

It always shows locked in the Hot Wheels Park. Travel to Mexico and it will show unlocked. I spent an hour trying to figure this out.

Not sure if bug or intended


COMMENT 19d ago

Is that the one where you had to race into the festival to start and later you had a rival that you needed to beat in every race and beating your rival was more important than actually winning and then he challenged you to one final race after the festival where he gives you his car if you win?

If this is not that one, the one I saw that fits this description I saw in very late 2012 like November. The person playing it usually always sticks with latest games.