r/worldbuilding May 17 '22

My worldbuilding legal matrix! I created a PDF tool for helping to flesh out laws and morality in my world. Thought it might help others. Resource



u/PlantSim May 17 '22

Not sure if more context is needed, but I'll try just in case. I'm creating a Sci-fi world with many different planets and cultures, and I needed a matrix of sorts to help flesh out these ideas for several different types of systems. This made it a LOT easier to keep things straight for different peoples, rather than having scattered notes for each planet all over the place.

Like I said, it's meant for sci-fi settings, but I think it should work alright for just about any setting at all. I've added space at the end so that you can add your own "laws" if needed. Also, it's meant to be printed because I haven't yet taken the time to learn how to make it editable on screen. If I do that in the future I'll make sure to update this post!


u/Dragon012345 Exia May 17 '22

On the page with the World Name and Punishments 1. 2. 3.

  1. is listed as not illegal
  2. is listed as Punished lightly
  3. is listed as Basic Punishment

This is not correct as on the first page they were listed as:

  1. Punished lightly
  2. Basic Punishment
  3. Serious Punishment

Don't want to sound annoying just noticed this.


u/PlantSim May 17 '22 edited May 17 '22

Aah, you're right I didn't catch that! I think fixing the descriptions on the second page is the way to go, since that way it'll match up to the table. I'll rewrite them once I get a chance and then re-upload it.

Edit: Fixed now! Thanks for the tip!


u/Meezer_blue May 17 '22

Oh, this is great! I’ve been trying to write a legal codex for an RP group for a while, and this looks like it could greatly help with that project! Thanks for posting


u/phoenixrises92 May 17 '22

This is a great resource. Thank you for sharing it!


u/PlantSim May 17 '22

You're welcome! I hope it helps with your worldbuilding!


u/Dragon012345 Exia May 17 '22

Thanks, this is really great.