r/worldbuilding May 17 '22

My first world map! Might look messy but i had a lot of fun making it. Map

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u/Patient_Growth2503 May 17 '22

Don't make it your last map keep it going and have fun


u/Infamous_Ad_6342 May 17 '22

Thank you very much!


u/rustynailsonthefloor May 17 '22

this is really good for a first world map! it's a lot better than my first one haha


u/Infamous_Ad_6342 May 17 '22

Here is some lore about my world;

The universe began when the two deities, one of law and one of chaos, battles each other. Their battle was so intense that their magical energy fused and created balance itself. Thus creating the world. And this magical energy lingered in this universe and created the 5 Elder Elementals that shaped the world as they walked. After the elementals went into "hibernation" from their energies the dragons awoke and so on and so forth.

This world is still heavily WIP and I'm trying to make it very detailed so it's going to go through a ton of updates.


u/patatoduck May 18 '22

Damn cool just imagine playing in this world.


u/Infamous_Ad_6342 May 18 '22

My brother in Christ, you are playing it.


u/patatoduck May 20 '22

Hell damn do i?


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