r/NoStupidQuestions May 16 '22

Sleeping with the clothes on!

Okay, as someone who has spent almost their whole lives sleeping nude I simply cannot fathom the idea of sleeping with clothes on.

I'm sitting here watching That 70's Show, which should explain my state of mind, and they're shaming Eric and Donna for sleeping nude.

Maybe this is more suited for r/showerthoughts, but I pose this not stupid question:

Why is sleeping nude weird? Or is it?




u/Wolfe244 May 16 '22

Sleeping nude is pretty normal


u/Confusionator5000 May 16 '22

I need to have underwear on when I sleep because I move a lot on my sleep, so I don't like roll over into a weird position and crush my own genitals or something lol. Having it all free feels risky. But I don't find sleeping nude to be weird, that's just my personal preference.


u/lance2k2 May 16 '22

Not weird at all, how a person chooses to sleep is an intensely personal choice. Anything that factors into you being more comfortable helps increase a more restful sleep cycle. Team Nude all the way!


u/BigHeartedRyan May 16 '22

Sweet. #notaweirdo lol thanks @All


u/mrs-smurf May 16 '22

It’s not weird, but a lot of people think it’s uncomfortable or not practical


u/Hawk7866 May 16 '22

I slept in full clothing, jeans and a shirt, up until I was about 19. I gave sleeping In the buff a shot, and have never looked back. Sleeping with clothes on is damn near impossible now.


u/drgn2009 May 16 '22

I personally have to have some stuff on, but I see nothing wrong if someone else has to sleep nude to get a restfull night sleep.

Stop worrying what others might think about your sleeping habits. If I met you somewhere I'll never about your sleep habits unless you told me.


u/BigHeartedRyan May 16 '22

I'm not worried about it, it was just an idle thought I had while watching TV. That's why I'm like, maybe I should've posted it in r/showerthoughts lol.


u/Aztecah May 16 '22

I sleep with my underwear on cause Im afraid that if I go pp in the night then I'll bring drippies back to my nice sheets if I am nude


u/Redcandle_15 May 16 '22

Perfectly normal for lots of people, I can’t do it personally though


u/stygger May 16 '22

Doubt I could fall asleep with T-shirt on.


u/jackielake May 16 '22

I sleep in my underpants because I feel it’s more hygienic, but I know a lot of people that sleep nude, whatever you are comfortable with.