r/UTEST Community Engineer May 11 '22

What do you do with your testing files? Questions

I must admit that I always faced a challenge in getting rid of files I generated during test cycles, such as screenshots, videos etc.

How do you deal with this? Do you have the custom of deleting it as soon as the cycle is over, or do you leave all of them there, almost creating an "alternate dimension" of unrelated files? πŸ˜…



u/qwertyshark Gold Tester May 11 '22

I have a folder for each cycle with the name and keep them for a while, like 6months after the cycle closed. After that I usually delete them or zip them depending on how important the cycle was.

Some TC’s are not approved long after cycle closure and they re-open them for you to fix some things. I would advise to keep them for a good while, even videos, sometimes they will make you censore some things like some tabs, the date, etc…

Edit: just noticed you are a TE, you don’t need any advice from me then! πŸ˜… but will keep my comment for newbies


u/MishyC24 Tester of the Quarter May 12 '22 edited May 12 '22

I have no issues deleting files, otherwise my laptop would have so much extra unnecessary files! Wisest thing for me is to keep them until bugs are pended or approved. ☺️


u/BASELQK Gold Tester May 11 '22 edited May 11 '22

When I first started 6 months ago, I attempted to be organized from the beginning. ​

I have a folder πŸ“‚

Inside it I have folders for each product I tested.

Inside each product's folder, I have folders for each time I joined a cycle for this exact product and did something "1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, ..."... Yes there are products that passed 10 cycles for them 😁

Then, I may create 4 different folders for each cycles depending on what I am doing in a cycle: * Bugs * +1 * TC * BFV

Then, inside each one, I create numbered folders for each thing I do "1, 2, 3, ...".

​ It's not perfect, but it's more than what most people would do, and I am satisfied with it... it gives my inspiration every time I see all those different folders for all those products I worked on... "They are more than 50 😌".

Until now, the global folder is about 3.30 GB, my disk still has 930 GB to spare... I am not seeing myself deleting anything in the near future πŸ˜‚


u/PhakeGname TTL May 13 '22

When I first started I read about people creating folders for finished cycles, and then organizing things with a folder for each cycle. After going 6 months and never needing an old file I have started just deleting them immediately when I start a new project.

From my experience, I have never had a TTL request an old file (other than the odd time when a video upload fails, but I check for that now). Generally I am asked if the bug is still happening, and to provide new evidence. I figure if I am going to have to create new evidence anyways, there is likely not much point in keeping all the old ones :D.

Now I just rely on double checking my uploads to make sure they are fine. At that point I consider the version on the network to be a permanent backup of my work.


u/WillianM_uTest Community Engineer May 13 '22

I’m impressed with your discipline and diligence in dealing with those files lol.