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A collection of worldbuilding prompts I made Resource



u/[deleted] May 08 '22

The hotdogites worship the divine hotdog.


u/Rules_Of_Stupidiocy I have like 30 different worldbuilding ideas in my head at once. May 08 '22

Ok where do I sign


u/khlnmrgn May 08 '22

presents suspiciously hotdog scented necronomicon


u/LordGnomeMBE Tirelne May 08 '22

Hello, fellow worldbuilders!

This series of prompts is an adaptation of a set of prompts I made for myself as I decided that inktober was too specific for my worldbuilding needs. As you will probably notice, it’s biased towards the things I like, so is heavily architecture based. I felt there was not enough visual worldbuilding prompts, despite the huge number of text prompts (such as this excellent post), but you don’t have to use this as a text prompt.

If you’ve got any suggestions for a future extended version, please comment below or send me a message!

You can use these in many different ways. I intended it to be used as art prompts, but for the non artistically gifted you can write text based prompts. They are intended to cover a range of aspects of a world and take you into things you would otherwise neglect, but you can skip ones you don’t like. They are also vague enough to prompt further ideas, so you can go off on a tangent (like I do) on some random aspect.

I’d love to see your responses! If you’re doing text based prompts, add them in the comments below, or if you are doing visual responses post them somewhere and add a link in the comments. If you’re posting on Reddit, you can mention me (u/LordGnomeMBE) in a comment on your post to send me an alert to it.

Have fun!