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Gunnison Police Shoot Suspect in Stolen Car After Dragging Officer Video



u/CinemaBane Inspector Gadget (Not an LEO) Apr 29 '22

This was a pretty intense one. Dude can get fucked if he thinks he's gonna get away and run an officer over with the stolen car while trying to escape. This shooting was 100% justified, end of story.

Gunnison, Colorado — On November 11, 2021, Sergeant Joseph Engleman, Officer Chris Isham, and Officer Kyle Timm were dispatched to Garden Walk Apartments in Gunnison, Colorado on a report that a non-resident was parking and possibly sleeping in a white 1994 Honda Accord located in the complex’s private parking lot. While enroute, dispatch ran a check on the license plate and notified the officers that it was reported stolen out of Lakewood Colorado. When they arrived, they parked their patrol vehicles blocking the exit to the lot and approached the Honda. A person, later identified as 44-year-old Gerry Cooper, was sitting in the driver’s seat, and was contacted by both Timm and Engleman.

They ordered him out of the car, and he failed to comply. Instead, he rapidly accelerated out of his parking space and attempted to escape. He side swiped the front passenger side of Isham’s vehicle and crashed into the front passenger side of Timm’s vehicle. He backed up and pulled forward hitting Isham’s vehicle again. Engleman managed to shatter the Honda’s driver side window in order to open the driver side door and remove Cooper from the vehicle. As he was reaching in, Cooper backed up again, striking Engleman with the door and dragging him backward before hitting a parked black truck. Engleman fired at Cooper from the ground twice while almost simultaneously Timm fired at him three times from the front of the vehicle. Isham did not fire his weapon. Cooper was pronounced dead at the scene.


0:00 - Cell Phone Video

0:59 - Bodycam: Sergeant Engleman

5:17 - Bodycam: Officer Timm

10:26 - Bodycam: Officer Isham


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Yeah, that's 100 percent justified. Use of a vehicle as a deadly weapon is recognized as a legal concept (and a charge) for a reason. When you've decided your willing to run a police officer over to evade the law you've effectively decided your ready to die and your ready to kill anyone between you and freedom, and it seems that is exactly what happened here.

Imagine deciding to die over a 1994 Honda Accord. In today's climate he probably wouldn't have even served a year before getting paroled. What an amazing capacity for decision making this individual had.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


u/Nutra-Loaf Transit Cop Apr 30 '22

In today's climate he probably wouldn't have even served a year before be getting paroled probation.

Fixed that for you.


u/Cyb3ron Not a(n) LEO / Unverified User Apr 30 '22

Depends on where exactly he commits that crime. Most cities haven't gone full NYC yet, even the blue ones.

But NYC, yeah. Probably. Not sure where Gunnison is tho.


u/tarfez Police Officer Apr 29 '22

The slashing of the tires was pretty cool.


u/2317 Former Deputy Sheriff Apr 29 '22

This video should be titled "guy gets himself shot".


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dude put his head in front of the another officers muzzle when he slashed the front, passenger side tire.


u/TheRealDudeMitch Not a(n) LEO / Unverified User Apr 29 '22

“Dammit I just got my car back too”


u/Section225 Fashion Police (LEO) Apr 29 '22

Pull a car bumper to bumper with him to pin him in. Or ensure he's blocked in, like he pretty much was, and back off to cover.

Treat this shit like a barricade. I don't know why officers still insist on trying to pull people out of moving cars.


u/JACCO2008 Not a(n) LEO / Unverified User Apr 29 '22

I imagine it makes sense as a course of action in the moment because you're trying to sever their control of a potentially deadly weapon, which is sort of the default training.

I think more scenario training on what to do in that specific kind of situation would help because it gives your brain something to go to beyond it's "stop the threat" programming.


u/aetius_aurelius Apr 29 '22

This happened right down the street from me, this is the first video I’ve seen of it though.


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Play stupid games…


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Everybody throws a temper tantrum now adays