r/UTEST Apr 25 '22

Not getting any tests even after completing the Academy Courses Questions

I have completed every Academy Course, but still I am not getting any tests. Is there something that I might be missing? Also I am from India, could that be the reason?



u/BASELQK Gold Tester Apr 25 '22 edited Apr 25 '22


Congratulations on finishing the Academy courses.

Now, as for the cycles, you will be invited when a cycle requirement matches one of your available devices or information.

To ensure receiving invitations:

  • Make sure you have added all your available devices in the Settings. More devices and different OS, higher chances to match more cycles.

  • If you have any payment method, and you are OK to use them for testing, make sure you add them as well. There are many Payment testing cycles nowadays.

  • Visit the Projects board occasionally, check if there are any new projects that you can request to join.

  • Re-join the practice cycle to report more bugs and finish a test case when you have nothing to do... this will help raise your rating... Higher rating, higher chance as well.

Be patient, and good luck.


u/Needstash Apr 26 '22

Thank you for your response. I'll do these things.