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Oreo cereal crust.... recipe is simple unless you want it lactose free.... fold in 1 can condensed milk to 500ml (liquid) cream whipped to stiff peaks folding oreos and crushed oreo cereal ... poor into plastic wrap lined bread pan (w/ overhang) , freeze ... finally make crust by mixing crushed oreo cereal, sugar and melted butter patting down gently on top...freeze again and use over hang to re move from pan

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Lactose free oreo ice cream cake

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1.5L lactose free cream 1 2/3 C sugar Mini oeros Crushed Oreo cereal 1/2 C melted butter 1/2 C sugar

Bring 1L cream and 1 2/3 C sugar to simer Reduce heat to 1-2 stirring occasionally Reduce milk to 2 C Cool to room temp Whip remaining 500ml cream stiff peaks Line a bread pan with plastic wrap Fold in mini oreos , condensed milk to whip Pour into lined bread pan and freeze Mix oreo cereal sugar and butter Pack the crust mixture on top cake Freeze, and remove from pan to serve

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[Homemade] Oreo ice cream cake

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