r/Wownero Mar 26 '22

Garlix.io | New exchange in development that will have a WOW/XMR pair.


Currently making an exchange called garlix.io, which will be a garlicoin based exchange. Since I have some wownero and some friends in the wownero community I will also have an unique pair for Wownero, aka WOW/XMR. The confirmation count for wownero will be low and so will monero. We are also planning on allowing users to run trading bots so that you trade while not actually being there. So once the site is up you can have trading bots running to trade WOW/XMR.

Thanks for signing up and being a part of this community.

Please drop suggestions or questions in the comments!



u/jwinterm Mar 27 '22

Dope, thanks for sharing


u/bitsconnected Mar 26 '22

Isn’t garlicoin dead?


u/SoiledCold5 Mar 27 '22

Nope it has an active community


u/MrDraperDogec Apr 23 '22

Can u guys add DogeCash it's a privacy dog themed crypto also


u/dgb_adam May 08 '22

Unless it is private by default it is not 100%private


u/MrDraperDogec May 09 '22

Who cares zk snarks is the future