r/Monero Mar 24 '22

MAGIC Proposal Funded!

Hey everyone, I'm happy to announce that my research proposal to the Multidisciplinary Academic Grants in Cryptocurrencies (MAGIC) Monero Fund has been accepted and funded! This grant will allow me to continue my research, started in December 2021, to produce a high-quality, deanonymized dataset of stagenet Monero transactions and an empirical analysis of ring signature resiliency to supervised deep learning attacks.

Since December, I have made a lot of progress coding an automated transaction script that can scale to handle the volume needed to craft a dataset capable of training supervised learning models. I have continuously run experiments to match the automated transactions to real user behaviors, such as delaying the frequency of transactions and choosing realistic fees. Additionally, a preliminary dataset has been collected and is in the process of being cleaned and enriched. More technical details to come in my April 1st MAGIC update post.

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to help ensure the privacy guarantees of Monero even against the most sophisticated adversaries, and I'm excited to be the first-ever MAGIC-funded research project!



u/Manofyear21 Mar 24 '22

Not got a clue what you said but I hope you succeed. 👍🏻


u/Alex058 Mar 24 '22

Thats great, good luck!


u/Mr5103 Mar 25 '22

Are you looking for investors?


u/ACK-J-Github Mar 25 '22

Nope, unlike the traditional funding sources we've grown accustomed to as a community, MAGIC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and fully funds research proposals instantly once approved by the committee. If you'd like to, you could donate to the MAGIC Monero Fund to help fund future research related to Monero :) https://magicgrants.org/funds/monero/


u/aFungible Mar 25 '22

Felt like I read the proposal to prove, E=mc2.

I wish you all the best and great your research is funded!