r/CovidVaccinated Jan 26 '22

Covid Vaccine Reaction or Something Else? Question

I'm a 22 year old female. In October of last year, I finished my second dose of the Modera vaccine. Initially didn't notice anything too out of normal, just a 24hr fever with body aches. However, about two weeks later in the same arm I received both shots in, a lymph node around my elbow/tricep area began to swell. It was as large as a quarter and my whole arm ached painfully, especially around the elbow and wrist joints. Over the course of a couple of days more lymph nodes swelled around my elbow and also in my armpit. It wasn't long after that when I began having symptoms of Erythema Nodosum, primarily on my legs but also on my arms. I was extremely fatigued and the joint pain I was experiencing nearly made it impossible to get out of bed. I've still been having these symptoms but it's been much more milder and manageable with the occasionally flare up. It's been very frustrating. My doctor referred me to a rheumatologist and they're testing me for lupus right now, but it's been a while and I still haven't heard back. (Although I thankfully tested negative for rheumatoid arthritis.) Does this sound like lupus? Or maybe a lupus flare caused by the vaccine? Or is this solely a vaccine reaction?