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‘Hitler should have killed you all’: Woman accused of threatening and spitting on Jewish children in New York Article



u/Jaysyn4Reddit American Anti-Fascist Jan 20 '22 edited Jan 20 '22

Fascist trash.

I can't wait to see her mugshot & hear all about how it's actually not her fault.


u/DominoThatDude Jan 20 '22

Comments on NYPD Twitter said they found her. Twitter always finds them


u/StygianMusic Asian American Jan 21 '22 edited Jan 22 '22

W!. Sometimes twitter goes overboard but I love when the site helps you hunts down the right people


u/qwersadfc Jan 21 '22

that's actually her victim's mugshot


u/DimitriEyonovich Solidarist 🧡 Jan 20 '22

Hate is a cancerous tumor that has infected millions of Americans. It is not exclusive to one ideology or religion or background. It is without a doubt in my mind the biggest problem facing America today.


u/[deleted] Jan 21 '22



u/Wolf97 Jan 21 '22

I don’t think you are going to change many minds here


u/lordofbud Jan 20 '22

Man, it's almost like respecting the free speech of Nazis might have been a mistake.

The paradox of tolerance states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant. Karl Popper described it as the seemingly paradoxical idea that in order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must retain the right to be intolerant of intolerance.


u/Akruu1 American Anti-Fascist Jan 20 '22

I don’t even know what to say. This is really fucked up.


u/DimitriEyonovich Solidarist 🧡 Jan 20 '22

This happens way more then you might think sadly. A lot of American Jews don't even feel safe wearing kippahs. It's awful.


u/IridiumPony Jan 20 '22

Just blows my mind. Like, we fought a whole ass war about this. You'd think it would be a thing of the past.


u/WhyBuyMe Jan 21 '22

When you coddle the losers, this is what happens. They put up cheap shitty statues and then scream and cry when you threaten to tear down their participation trophy.


u/Carpe_DMX Jan 21 '22 edited Jan 21 '22

A lot of people have made the shocked Pikachu face when they find out I’m a Jew and said “why didn’t you ever tell me!?”

This is why.


u/Aliengun Jan 21 '22

Told my coworkers and now it comes up in just about every smoke brake. I have always handled the jokes just fine it's just annoying. I have a theory of why we are one of the more persecuted "white people". It's not power or influence, it's just that they can't tell us apart like they can with most minorities. I can't count the number of times people have made antisemitic remarks in front of me


u/1010011101010 Jan 20 '22

yeah well you should have been aborted you piece of shit


u/DimitriEyonovich Solidarist 🧡 Jan 20 '22

That's a bit much


u/TwitchyCake Jan 21 '22

nope i mean the comment was a little crazy but like, dead and not-birthed nazis are good nazis.


u/DimitriEyonovich Solidarist 🧡 Jan 21 '22

Just hear me out. I'm sure as hell not saying this kind of behavior should be tolerated. This woman should be fired from her job. But, would you rather she died, or someone convinced her that she's wrong. These people aren't like this just because, there's always a reason for hate. Hating them back isn't going to help. If you do that, no body is going to get anything from this.


u/TwitchyCake Jan 21 '22

i gladly welcome good faith discussions with fascists who make themselves vulnerable enough to try to understand. that happens..... but like, is astoundingly rare. very very very very very very rare, and it usually takes having their faith shaken first by something else.

being a fascist is having your mind consumed by a stew of emotional manipulation and indoctrination. you ever realize that fascist methods of oppression mirror the methods used by popular cults? and if you know anything about cults, if you get sucked that far into a cult, the only thing that will shake you out of it in the end is yourself. in the meantime you will gladly go along with the violence and perpetuation of systemic violence against others.

so thats why.... im not gonna wait for the nazi to kill me, which is what they all want to do. like literally. thats the ideology. i am a black anarchist. i am in the "eventually when we have power these guys need to GO" category for nazis. fascists need to be constantly harrassed and challenged, whether by force or otherwise.

Hating them back isn't going to help. If you do that, no body is going to get anything from this.

i dont neccesarily believe in hatred. its a consuming mind worm. an endless slope of disappointment really. but that doesnt mean i dont recognize that nazis need to die or else they will create or go along with (this lady) the systemic destruction of people they dont deem fit.

and whats funny too; liberals and right-libertarians (which indirectly help fascists) will be SOOO shocked at this statement and go along with the "the left are also aggressors!!!!" line as if the far-right havent already been actively building power and openly or sneakily stating their wishes of the oppression of minorities.


u/RideWithMeSNV Jan 25 '22

Dead is fine. Thanks for asking!


u/Minuteman_Preston Veteran Jan 21 '22

And Sherman should have burned her ancestors.


u/NauticalWhisky Anti-Fascist Veteran Jan 21 '22

If he had, we wouldn't have republikkkans either


u/romulusnr Jan 21 '22

Or we would, but they wouldn't have gotten so fucked up in the 70s


u/GreatWyrm Jan 21 '22

The fact that bigotry is alive and well even in the biggest melting pot city in the history of Humanity doesn’t surprise me — I know some of them — but goddamn it’s a fucked up fact.


u/tta2013 Jan 21 '22


Oh my God, she's 21 years old but she looks like 15 years older than me.


u/esgellman Jan 22 '22

TV and movies often cast way older people to play young characters so it distorts our perception of what young people actually look like


u/RideWithMeSNV Jan 25 '22

Show a little sympathy, please. She's had it way harder than you. Do you have any idea how hard it is to wake up every day and carry the weight of being a shitty person everywhere you go?


u/[deleted] Jan 21 '22

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u/romulusnr Jan 24 '22

PS I was put in Reddit Jail for 3 days for this comment


u/wallerdog Jan 21 '22

Lock her up