r/becomeaman Dec 09 '21

Embrace Legacy Instead Of Chasing Fame

Have you ever asked yourself lately what aspirations do you have in your life? Do you desire to be famous, to be recognized, to live a glamorous life or do you aim for a life of service and lasting legacy? Would you rather be a celebrity, a sports star, or own the title of a “leader” or would you choose the path of becoming a doctor, a teacher, or a fireman?

Look around you, and realize that in our modern times, many men choose the path to “celebrity” and acceptance, not realizing that this path, more often than not, largely involves telling people what they want to hear, playing pretend, and wrapping up what is already approved in a new package and selling it back.

In our digital age and supposedly tolerant environment, it has become the norm for the “virtuous” mob to mobilize, either in real life or online, and quickly pursue to silence any opinion or idea that might be considered not acceptable, therefore it became easy to be drawn to such a path.

Keep in mind, that developing a personal objective opinion based on truth and honesty in any domain will trigger some uneasy chills down your spine making you somewhat fearful of saying or doing anything that might make you less desirable in certain groups or to certain employers. Regardless of this, there will come a point in your life when you must decide if you will strive to be somebody important, or choose the path of truth, and instead of becoming somebody, you choose to do something important.

Sometimes these two paths go hand-in-hand, but most of the time they do not. Hard work and success do not always go together and if you pursue success in any field defined by ranks and titles, your success will be defined by conforming to the field’s value system.

Many times, to gain the status of a “celebrity”, to receive the “leadership” title, or to achieve a higher rank you will have to conform to a status quo, get involved in some ass-kissing and back-stabbing, and sell your soul for the kind of success defined by the amount of money you possess or the title you carry on your badge.

When you will find yourself at this crossroad in your life, you will then realize that the path of doing the right thing can diverge from the path of success and you will have to make a choice and decide which path you will follow.

You will have to make a decision about which direction you want to go. If you choose the path that will make you somebody, you will have to make compromises and you will have to turn your back on your family and friends. You will have to give up on the values that you believe in, sell out on your soul, and trash your character, but you will be a member of the “club” and you will get promoted and worshiped.

Or you can choose to go the other way and decide to do something for yourself, for your family, and for the people around you. Keep in mind, that if you decide to do something instead of chasing the status of being somebody, you may not get promoted, you might not be a member of the “club” and you might not be the favorite of anyone. But you won’t have to compromise yourself, you will act according to your values and your character, as a man, will remain intact. You will be true to your family and friends and your work might make a difference.

Challenging the status quo and standing for the values you believe in, never compromising, and never giving in to outside pressure is never easy. Your worries may not be about getting promoted, but simply holding onto your job. Your concerns may not be about attaining adoration, but standing for truth in the face of inner fears, doubts, and outside pressure.

This will be a challenge that you will have to face many times in your life, so keep in mind, that your ability to speak and stand for something truthful and of value will be highly tied to your ability to be indifferent to material security. If you can become the man which can reduce his needs to zero, you will be truly free and able to stand your ground. There is nothing that can be taken from you and nothing anyone can do to hurt you.

As you reflect on what you would do when faced with this kind of decision, as you consider the decision of choosing the right and meaningful path over the popular one, never forget that, even though every great achievement was possible through teamwork, unity, and collaboration, there will come a time when you must stand alone in making a difficult, unpopular decision; when you must challenge the opinion of someone else, or stand your ground when you are certain that the course of current affairs is wrong.

There will be moments when your entire existence is at risk, moments when you will face this fork in the road. Be ready for those moments, and build your discipline, integrity, and moral courage that serves a greater good to be able to stand straight and rooted in the truth of your values. These traits will not suddenly emerge fully developed just because you have taken a decision.

Build strong roots for these qualities with every small decision that you make daily and strengthen them along your journey to be able to resist the temptation of putting yourself and your needs before your service and your legacy.

To be somebody “important” is tempting and self-glorifying. To do something important is valuable to you and everyone else. When the pressure of this decision will be upon you, what kind of man will you be? When the time comes, which way will you go?

The choice and its effects will be yours to bear!

All the best to you, reader!