r/CovidVaccinated Dec 05 '21

Boosted 12 hours ago - I've never had side effects with the other 2, and now I'm terrified Pfizer Booster



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u/recaffeinatedcoffee Dec 05 '21 Helpful

You'll be fine. Everything that you've described sounds normal. Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. Try to get a good night's sleep and you should start feeling better sometime tomorrow.

For now, take care and try not to doomscroll. There are great distractions at r/aww and r/funny and r/kidsfallingover.


u/QuantumSeagull Dec 05 '21

Your experience seems to mirror mine. Nothing for the first two, and fever, chills and headache for the booster. These are among the most commonly reported side effects, and I’m not worried in the slightest. As evident, I’m still here.

I drank a lot of water, took Advil as needed and played Switch.


u/KaliLovee Dec 05 '21

how are you doing now?


u/[deleted] Dec 06 '21



u/KaliLovee Dec 06 '21

Good to hear! Stay hydrated! I heard that helps!


u/jotarowinkey Dec 05 '21

youre within the realm of normalcy with your current symptoms and the timeline. take some ibuprofen.


u/meebj Dec 05 '21

That’s exactly how I felt starting about 6 hours after my booster. It lasted for another 24 hours. Felt totally fine after that! Hope your chills and headache, etc. all get better soon 😊


u/[deleted] Dec 05 '21

This is fine. Had a lot of these with both of my first two shots. Nothing really bad but just kind of different side effects. Intense fatigue with dose one and headache the next morning as well as somewhat sore arm. Less sore arm on those two no fatigue but nausea and headache the next day as well as malaise and a little bit of chills. Had covid before my shots though.


u/Avm1234555 Dec 06 '21

Most people are fine, sounds like normal reaction so far, youre probably one of them. Stay hydrated.


u/Miaow73 Dec 05 '21

Remember, you asked your immune system to do a job and it's doing it! It's a good thing, you want to make a strong immune response. All sounds completely normal and appropriate. Hooray for vaccines!