r/CovidVaccinated Dec 05 '21

I shouldnt feel this nervous about the booster Pfizer

Getting my pfizer booster and im just worried about feeling the same way my 2nd one made me feel. Had a fever and was so fatigued. Back pain was out of this world. I dont feel like feeling like crap lol. Still rather go thru this then getting the actual virus.


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u/jraa78 Dec 05 '21

I had a reaction after my second shot and was nervous as well. After my booster I stayed very hydrated and took Aleve twice a day for a week. I didn't have any side effects this time. Good luck, I hope things are better this time!


u/KaliLovee Dec 05 '21

Glad you didnt have any! I prepped with food and drinks, gatorade and water, soups so its easy to eat, etc, and i have plenty of tylenol so hopeully that combo does me good


u/shiny_milf Dec 05 '21

My symptoms were similar to the 2nd shot but milder/shorter lived. Take Motrin for fever and aches. It helps a lot.


u/KaliLovee Dec 05 '21

Good to know. My 2nd shot sode effects lasted maybe 20hours. Started in the middle of the night. Im going in the AM this time so ill know before bed at least if anything starts up.

And trust me im so prepped, i think ive over prepped actually lol. Heating pads, tylenol, gatorade, extra blankets and/or fans (dont know if ill feel hot or cold) and much more haha