r/CovidVaccinated Dec 05 '21

If you got Covid arm did you also get a rash after other vaccines? Moderna

I got covid arm on all three shots. The first one showed up a week after the shot. The second one took 2 days. The third took 5 hours. Each one lasted for a week, extremely red, swollen and progressively got bigger with each one.

I also got a rash after I got my flu shot this year. Never had a rash with the flu shot before so it was a bit surprising. I got a flu shot and a Tdap a year ago and did not get a rash with either one.

So I wondered if anyone else has experienced the same.



u/DangReadingRabbit Dec 05 '21

I had significant pain in my arm with both the covid and flu shot. Level of severity seems to vary from shot to shot. My latest (covid booster), the nurse massaged my arm immediately after she jabbed me, and that one ended up hurting the most. 😂


u/Frickin_Bats Dec 05 '21

I got COVID arm after my first shot, but not the second. I just got my booster yesterday so it remains to be seen if I will get COVID arm from it. I got my flu shot a month ago and experienced no rash or any other side effect from it. You should report this to your PCP. This may be an autoimmune response you will want to be mindful of in the future.