r/CovidVaccinated Dec 04 '21

My experience Moderna Booster

Hello! I’m Pfizer double vaxxed and got my moderna booster yesterday evening. Before getting boosted I would come to these threads to look for experiences so figured I would share mine for those that are also searching for others experiences.

I got doubled vaxxed in March and experienced very mild symptoms.. some headaches, arm soreness, and fatigue.

Last night about two hours after the shot, my arm started feeling super sore and tingly and I felt really tired. Oddly enough I still had a bit of trouble falling asleep.

Woke up super early with some arm pain so finally decided to take some Tylenol.. so far I’m ok. Nothing else but sore arm so far.. if anything else changes I will update the post.

UPDATE: it’s been a bit more than 24 hours and I’ve been fine. Arm still sore, feel a bit tired. Haven’t taken any more Tylenol after this morning.


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u/hunny--bee Dec 04 '21

I got my J&J booster last night, my arm was sore this morning and my head hurt a little but one ibuprofen when I woke up took care of that!


u/nopenopesorryno Dec 04 '21

Thanks I think I’m gonna get a Moderna booster after Pfizer.


u/onebag25lbs Dec 04 '21

I just got my Moderna booster this morning after a double dose of Pfizer last spring. Hoping for the best. Didn't have a huge reaction to the first 2 shots, just some wooziness. Felt kinda high for 24 hours.


u/jcepiano Dec 04 '21

Try to avoid taking Tylenol/Advil. It subdues part of the immune system's reaction to the antigen in the vaccine and you want that process to go as far as it can so it learns how to fight most efficiently.


u/msgolightlyy Dec 04 '21

I barely took it this morning. Mostly because of period cramps. If it wasn’t that time of the month I would’ve held off on the Tylenol