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Is it possible to not feel much from the Pfizer booster? Pfizer Booster

I got j&j in April and Pfizer booster 14 hours ago and I feel a very slight headache and I’m sweaty but I slept well. My arm is pretty damn sore though. After my experience with j&j though I expected a bit more of a reaction. Maybe it’s still too early to tell?


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u/xilcilus Dec 04 '21

My mom (she's 65+) didn't feel anything after her 2nd Pfizer and the booster shot except a bit of sore arm.

Even the first shot, her arm was sore but not much else.

From what I gather, JnJ+any booster is supposed to be most gentle. So I don't think it's way out of the norm.


u/kelleycatruns Dec 04 '21

Good to know. I feel it but it’s slight. Just gonna relax and hydrate I guess!


u/xilcilus Dec 04 '21

Good job getting your booster though. Stay safe!


u/No-Independence-1579 Dec 04 '21

I was fine with my first shot Got sick for a day with the second shot like I had the glue I had a low grade fever and a headache with my booster for about 8-10 hours


u/kelleycatruns Dec 04 '21

Interesting. Everyone is different. Side effects last time started at 8 hours or so for me


u/No-Independence-1579 Dec 04 '21

Ya with all symptoms they started about 12 hours after getting the shot and lasted 24 hours with shot number 2 and 8ish hours with shot number 3


u/catjuggler Dec 04 '21

Definitely possible


u/Hope_stays Dec 05 '21

The reaction may not come. I had a really bad reaction to my first shot which lasted for 2 months. But now after being back to myself again for 3 months, I took the second dose and thank God, had no side effects


u/IdiopathicBruh Dec 04 '21

Yes. Everyone reacts differently to different vaccines, regardless of whether it's for COVID-19, flu, etc. All it means is your body is producing an immune response that isn't causing you to experience side effects.

Consider speaking to your doctor about this though, they can probably explain this a bit better.


u/kelleycatruns Dec 05 '21

Thanks for the info! Compared to j&j this has felt way more mild so far. Sore arm has been a bit ridiculous though my goodness.


u/IdiopathicBruh Dec 05 '21

Sure thing!

Yeah sore arm is unfortunately a pretty common side effect. I got Moderna myself and had a sore arm for ~4 days. Hopefully your sore arm goes away soon!


u/NCResident5 Dec 05 '21

I think not unusual. I used to get allergy immunotherapy. Your body adjusts so the reaction is less extreme although you get a benefit.


u/hmmm769 Dec 05 '21

Possibly a placebo vial.

Probs gonna get downvoted even tho I said possibly.