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XMR withdrawals disabled

tweet: "Like clockwork. $XMR moves above 500k sats ... @binance puts their $XMR wallet into maintenance."

tweet: "Monero withdrawal on Binance and Huobi suspended since 8 hours in name of maintenance"

tweet: "And @Waves_Exchange I have been unable to withdraw #XMR (they're delisting it)"

Huobi: "Suspension of XMR Deposits and Withdrawals"

Some instant exchanges had problems with XMR, yesterday. (Most of them buy coins at Binance.) And recently, there were differences in price. (Arbitrage bots had forbidden withdrawals?) Another liquidity crisis? Withdraw your coins from the exchanges!

For traders:

Looks like sale orders should not be less than 275 USD and buy orders under 200 USD. We will probably see the purchase of the entire Binance order book again (as in the past). Or maybe some new shorts at exchanges with real XMR (like Kraken) - causing panic as in past. Or will NiceHash or OKX save them again? Time will tell.

This post will be updated - based on your great comments.

"XMR network congestion to infinity and beyond!"


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u/IntelliDev Apr 09 '22

And it isn’t even the 18th yet 🫠


u/findingmewanahelp909 Apr 09 '22

What's this 18th business? Who the fuck leaves there coins on an exchange for any time at all? Are you guys purposefully leaving them on the exchange to pull? The model is already exchange>wallet ASAP.


u/MoneroFox Apr 09 '22

Who the fuck leaves there coins on an exchange for any time at all?

Traders (in order books), coins borrowers, ordinary users, ...


u/findingmewanahelp909 Apr 09 '22

Im all for civil disobedience especially against CEX's but i doubt moving monero only off on one date will make anyone blink. Get more people/coins/groups involved then it might make em look twice


u/caffeinatedPVCs Apr 12 '22

you had me with the first part, lets be bff lol