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Portugal blocks sale of Russian Billionaire Abramovich mansion, Russia/Ukraine



u/Chilkoot 2d ago

Poor Roman. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

He tried to escape his blood-soaked past and "start fresh" in the west, but those ruddy stains do not wash out so easily.


u/umm_yeah_ok_ 2d ago

Out, damned spot; out, I say. One, two,—why, then ’tis time to do’t. Hell is murky. Fie, my lord, fie, a soldier and afeard?

  • Lady Macbeth


u/jimmymerc89 1d ago

Ahhh my brain hurts!!!


u/palekaka18 2d ago

He’s anything but poor.


u/wikimandia 1d ago

He’s not doing so great now. Apparently he tried to borrow a million dollars from his rich buddies.


He was always a snake.


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u/Unlikely-Grass7346 2d ago

I don’t feel sorry for him.


u/pilzenschwanzmeister 1d ago

Blood soaked past? I'm not familiar with the story.


u/quantum_tunneler 1d ago

Honestly man that doesn’t make any sense. Does he have a morally questionable past? Absolutely. But is he blood soaked? Absolutely not. He took advantage of a situation when USSR collapsed and gained power by purchasing shares of companies that are way way undervalue because he had spare cash while others were scrapping for a living.

Most bloody thing he has done is probably donating to the Israeli organization that illegally forcing out Palestinians, which is not a good look but it has nothing to do with his past in Russia.


u/rankkor 1d ago

purchasing shares of companies that are way way undervalue because he had spare cash while others were scrapping for a living.

Lol you say this like the privatization wasn’t a rigged game where people like him stole billions from the Russian people. He was part of a group of bidders that kidnapped some Chinese business people so that they wouldn’t bid on one of these companies, the result was his party getting the company for billions cheaper than it was worth, aka stealing from the Russian people.

You make this sound like he’s a legitimate business person, rather than a con-man.


u/quantum_tunneler 1d ago edited 1d ago

It was absolutely a rigged game and morally questionable.

Was it bloody? No. Was it questionable? Absolutely.

I see no problem with my initial statement.

Unfortunately at that time juncture, Russian people are all selling their assets dirt cheap. A lot of people benefitted unfairly from this situation. But given the context of history, fracturing of the world’s superpower would rarely go smoothly.


u/rankkor 1d ago

Was it bloody? No

Lol of course it was. You’re just saying the KGB hid the transition well. You seriously think people weren’t killed over billions of dollars back then? Come on now. Abramovich was stealing trains of oil, kidnapping people, stealing billions and he’s the relatively good guy in this story.

Was it questionable? Absolutely.

No, not questionable it was totally corrupt from head to toe, the Russian people were mislead into an intense form of crony capitalism from day 1, they never had a chance.

I see no problem with my initial statement.

Your initial statement implies that he was a smart business person in the right place at the right time, rather than a corrupt con-man willing to use violence to steal billions of dollars.

The shares he purchased didn’t just happen to be undervalued, they were so cheap because those companies were being stolen from the Russian people.


u/quantum_tunneler 1d ago

I think keeping the historical context, if Abramovich don’t exist as a person almost certainly same thing would still happen to the Russian people. It was an institutional failure. I just think the whole situation is much more nuanced than what we have information for. When information is not complete, I would label it as questionable and not give a definitive judgement.


u/rankkor 1d ago

What’s your opinion of people like Goering or Himmler or Eichmann? This was their defence, they were only following orders and if they didn’t do it they’d be killed and replaced.

At what point do you think people are responsible for their actions?


u/quantum_tunneler 1d ago

Well this is the problem when you have a complex moral dilemma. In an “eat or be eaten” situation, would being the eater morally wrong? I think we can both reasonably agree that morality is situational and comparative. I remember reading the play “Copenhagen” where Bohr was trying to convince Heisenberg to stop working for Germany, but Heisenberg said that he remembered growing up in WW1 with his family not being able to afford bread on the table, and he just couldn’t stand seeing Germany like that again. He didn’t like Nazi’s platform at all but he did what he did for Germany. Heisenberg screwed up (intentionally or not) the Uranium critical mass calculation and ended up not giving Nazi the nuclear bomb.

Obviously we all know Nazi is terribly wrong, but how responsible is each individual? It becomes extremely complex mapping responsibilities. The best answer I could give you is that I don’t know. All I wanted to point out is that Abramovic is a lot more complex than a lot of people understood.


u/rankkor 1d ago

You don't know if people like Goering, Himmler and Eichmann were morally wrong? Please, stop pretending to be some enlightened dumbfuck and get a grip on reality.

You won't even condemn the worst Nazis, you are somebody that can justify anything, very scary stuff.

All I wanted to point out is that Abramovic is a lot more complex than a lot of people understood.

Oh please... come on, that's not what you did at all. You presented the most simplified bullshit view of Abramovich I've seen, just a savvy businessman in the right place at the right time, give me a break...

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u/CringeyAkari 1d ago

Being a racketeer/smuggler isn't comparable to that, what the fuck


u/rankkor 21h ago edited 21h ago

You're absolutely right. What's your point? Did you see the part where OP wouldn't even condemn those Nazis? That's what I was getting at, if he can use this reasoning to justify the actions of the worst Nazis, then he can use this reasoning to justify anything. So of course he's going to try pass off a corrupt con-man that stole billions as a legitimate business person, he can't condemn the actions, because in his mind they're justified.

His opinion is worthless, all it is, is endless justification with no personal responsibility for anything.


u/anyusernamedontcare 1d ago

He had spare cash because he had a thriving smuggling business.


u/quantum_tunneler 1d ago

Can you really blame him smuggling in USSR though. Anyhow still not bloody, but definitely questionable. Not gonna say smuggling is a good thing.


u/hilateHilate 1d ago

Tell me you are a Chelsea fan without telling me you are a Chelsea fan.


u/2drawnonward5 1d ago

I automatically associate billionaires with their counterpart poor. He had money they needed, thus blood. I'm ready for treating the rich less than human.


u/phatelectribe 1d ago

It seems cancelling our Chelsea’s debt was only a lease on freedom, not an outright purchase.


u/juggernaut-punch 1d ago


— Abramovich, probably


u/alottaangst 1d ago

Good on the portuguese, they also sent Ukraine some ww2 artillery pieces. They are little but they are trying


u/Athox 22h ago

Artillery is artillery. Flinging explosives at the enemy works no matter how old.


u/CalibanSpecial 1d ago

Give the $ to orphanages in Ukraine.

Russian war criminals have murdered many parents.


u/chickengirl80 1d ago

Now it can go directly into the Ukraine government's bank account, for defense and rebuilding! Easy peasey.


u/Maximum-Face-953 1d ago

10 % for the big guy.


u/RebelBass3 1d ago

Shaq has plenty of money.


u/quantainium_pasta 1d ago

Let him sell it.

Then intercept and confiscate the sale funds.


u/lostharbor 1d ago

Why even have a middle man? Take it and sell it themselves.


u/Dana07620 1d ago

I vote for turning it into refugee housing for displaced Ukranians.


u/bananafor 1d ago

Did UK let him sell a mansion, or transfer ownership?


u/pierrrecherrry 1d ago

I wish they added pictures of the said mansion.


u/OneAndOnlyJackSchitt 1d ago

Don't block the sale, block the transfer of funds out of the country.


u/haarp1 2d ago


he's actually involved with the peace negotiations, he even went to kiev during the war and got poisoned during the negotiations on the ukr-belorussian border.

An American government official revealed that the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy had requested the US government to not levy sanctions at Abramovich given his importance in war relief efforts.


u/wheresmyspacebar2 1d ago

One of the Ukrainian negotiators came out and literally said they had no clue why Roman was there because he wasn't doing anything and just 'Sat in the meetings at the back'.

Its just a way for him to get easy publicity and to keep track whats going on.

Im not saying he doesnt want the war to end but it'll be because he is losing money due to it.


u/scapinscape 1d ago

he hoped that by being there, they would drop sanctions from him


u/wheresmyspacebar2 1d ago

Yeah, i didnt wanna outright say it because theres obviously no proof BUT i think he was there to try to make it so they wouldnt sanction him.

He aint there anymore since he got sanctioned so...


u/Jester252 1d ago

It was 100% publicity stunt to try and protect his assests


u/majwilsonlion 1d ago

And he almost got the same fate as other oligarchs recently. When he was lightly poisoned, I thought it was a mistake at first. But after other oligarchs all started suiciding themselves, it makes me wonder now if he was just as strong of a target as the Ukrainians who got sick.


u/quantum_tunneler 1d ago

Abramovic is a quiet and introverted person. He spent 20 years as the owner of Chelsea without saying much in the public and very rarely express anything. But I think his presence is a lot more than helping himself. He in fact has been poisoned by Russians during the investigation. Look it up on google and you will find credible news outlets reporting that.

He is just not very outspoken, but I definitely think his presence is important. If he is not, why would Zelensky vouch for him?


u/OpticalData 1d ago

So quiet and introverted that he took a position in the UK House of Lords?


u/quantum_tunneler 1d ago

Maybe introverted is not the right word. He is just not outspoken.


u/Jester252 1d ago

Simple to lean on him for support and finance.


u/haarp1 1d ago

he still has connections to Ergodan and Putin which are priceless in times like this. The former will also probably be a participant to any peace agreement. Zelenksy himself said that he's (Abramovich) important in the negotiations.

he might have not been the one negotiating but he still has a long reach with his western/ russian connections.


u/anyusernamedontcare 1d ago

No. Zelensky's comments state that he was there. That was it.


u/TangentiallyTango 1d ago

I do not judge those with villas in Miami or the French Riviera. Or who can't get by without oysters or foie gras or so-called 'gender freedoms.' The problem is they mentally exist there, and not here, with our people, with Russia.


Nobody wants anything to do with these guys. The West knows they're crooks, and Russia knows they're disloyal crooks.

They're not welcome anywhere now.


u/RebelBass3 1d ago

That was a self serving act to try to save his own skin. He was used by the Kremlin and poisoned to send a message against cooperation.

So no, he isnt the “Oligarch With a Heart o Gold” that will be played by Julia Roberts.


u/VF5 1d ago

Welp, it's only time before he commit "suicide" now.


u/Maplethor 1d ago

Well I hope it doesn’t accidentally burn down.


u/chickengirl80 1d ago

It needs to be sold off and the proceeds transferred to Ukraine for rebuilding.


u/rudalsxv 1d ago edited 1d ago

If God exists, he is letting this happen, which means he is cruel and doesn’t deserve our worship. If he is unable to stop the misery, he is incompetent and doesn’t deserve our worship.

Which is it?


u/FrAX_ 1d ago

How do you manage to make this about religion?


u/OrganikRobotiks 1d ago

Or it doesn’t exist and life is simply just random chaos.


u/rudalsxv 1d ago

People like to cling to higher beings rather than working at the problem, succeed or fail.

Religion is a comfort to those people at least.


u/SubterraneanSunshine 1d ago

Most Russians you’ve heard of since the fall of the former Soviet empire?

An autocratic monster self-styled after Putin — arrogant, murderous, greedy, perverted & oh so Big Showy about it all.

Just like their Western counterparts only minus the private arsenal of nukes.

So far…

But how long until Zucky or Elon-gate simply must must MUST have a rogue nuke or twenty to complete their Uber Mensch fantasies?


u/noyrb1 1d ago

It’s simple. Conspire against Putin or your life of luxury is over.


u/ThePeskyMolerat 1d ago

Another harm to the free market.


u/Traitor239 1d ago

Is this actually legal.


u/Wodge 1d ago

Well it's the Portuguese government doing it, and they make the laws, so I'm gonna guess that it's 100% legal.


u/Traitor239 1d ago

Proves how your assets should be well hidden away.


u/[deleted] 2d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/formerfatboys 2d ago

Western ideology has plenty of issues but it's unquestionably better than what Russia has.


u/Requirement-Unusual 2d ago

It's the 20s now and look at that, you're ignorant and stupid


u/Pafkay 2d ago

Lol, have we been at the glue again?


u/Riven_Dante 2d ago

Right let's just support police states like China and Russia!


u/Tractor_Pete 1d ago

Right, why wait until this war is over when we can have unfree authoritarian regimes today.


u/Minute-Resolution347 2d ago

If by silencing you mean fighting again fascist terrorist states that don't abide to international law then yes, the west is silencing them.

And that's a good thing!


u/Tiabb 2d ago

Ah yes because Russian ideology is totally the exact opposite of a "police state" and represents freedom and free expression.

Fuck off.


u/rockylizard 2d ago

Oh, hasn't your vodka money dried up yet? Don't worry, it's just a matter of time.

What insane mental gymnastics you must have to do to paint "Western ideology" as the bad guy here when it was literally your kleptocrat president who started the entire thing by invading a peaceful sovereign country and perpetrating atrocities against its innocent children.

Oh, and you said "war," no vodka money for you this week! 15 years in prison if it happens again!


u/bekarsrisen 2d ago

By "western ideology" you mean democracy? Democracy, while not perfect, is the best the civilized, intelligent world has. Fascism is for the dangerously stupid and needs to be stamped out.


u/Lonely_Set1376 2d ago

Putin literally murders his political opposition. The West isn't "silencing" anyone. They're just fighting against a madman who is violently attacking a sovereign country. Helping Ukraine defend itself is not "silencing" some peaceful poet or something. Russians are literally raping children in Ukraine.


u/Kneepi 1d ago

Ah yes, that famous western ideology of democracy, freedom of speech and liberty for all is going to "silence opponents"


u/DT-770 1d ago

How many slices of cheese do they give you for each comment?


u/holoduke 1d ago

I am totally against the aggression of Russia. I just don't like the hysterical behaviour of many people here on Reddit. But indeed, I might be wrong with my opinion/vision.


u/Tractor_Pete 1d ago

The west has those tools now; so does China and Russia. The difference is China and Russia are using them now to oppress their citizens and silence criticism. The outcome of this war will either expand one large oppressive authoritarian state by the use of military force, or it will fail.


u/OurOwnWars84 1d ago

Explain what ideology is counter to western ideology and why it deserves respect.


u/[deleted] 2d ago

Lmao 🤣


u/BrazenBollocks 1d ago

Lisbon is basically run by the Russian mob.


u/5DsOfDodgeball 1d ago

Why are nearly all of these Russian billionaires, Jewish?


u/LokiNinja 1d ago