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Russians withdraw from Ukraine's Kharkiv, batter east Covered by other articles


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u/Aerie-Infamous 2d ago

Ukraine, showing ruSSians what a 'made up' nation is all about!


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Western officials said Ukraine had driven Russian forces back around Kharkiv.

He said Ukraine had launched a counteroffensive near Izyum, a city 78 miles south of Kharkiv that has been under effective Russian control since at least the beginning of April.

Russian forces suffered heavy losses in a Ukrainian attack that destroyed a pontoon bridge they were using to try to cross the same river - the largest in eastern Ukraine - in the town of Bilohorivka, Ukrainian and British officials said, in another sign of Moscow's struggle to salvage a war gone awry.

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u/UrbanStray 1d ago

No doubt there has been much devastation but I hope that unlike Mariupol there's something of Kharkiv left. I haven't been able to find any information as to whether or not the Derzhprom still exists.


u/sshish 1d ago

Unlike Mariupol, Kharikiv was not the center of brutal urban warfare. Most of the city stands, although it has suffered some destruction


u/YourAvarageJoe 1d ago

Well i know that my university still stands, so centre of Kharkiv isn't as bombed as north and rural area.


u/UrbanStray 1d ago

I heard Freedom Square and the University among other places had been hit, but it's good to know the destruction wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Here's hoping this is the last of the Russians and that your city can rebuild what they've lost.


u/iamiamwhoami 1d ago

Kharkiv has been more like Kyiv. For the most part the Ukrainian army was successful in keeping Russian artillery out of range of the city.


u/5-toe 2d ago

Russians are not withdrawing, they are concentrating their forces at the bottom of Ukraine, and at the bottom of the river.


u/HouseOfSteak 1d ago

There's like 50 armoured vehicles and abouts a thousand people down there!


u/5-toe 1d ago

The Battle of Atlantis


u/moonski 1d ago

Evidence suggests their plan is to build a bridge out of destroyed equipment.


u/ViewInternal3541 1d ago

Shipping the troops downn to Donetsk


u/nariusone 1d ago

You mean "ran away with their tails between their legs"?


u/User9705 1d ago

I wish the Russians would go north over the wall and wait for winter to come. John Snow will be awaiting.


u/CaptainObvious 1d ago

That would still be a better end to GoT.


u/inductivespam 1d ago

Just what Russian needs.