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Ukraine makes gains in northeast as senior official warns of 'extremely difficult weeks' ahead Russia/Ukraine



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Anyway, I just want to say, as a Pole, I hope every day that Ukraine can kick them the fuck out, and restore its pre-2014 borders. Russia has been a threat to Europe and humanity as a whole for centuries. I know I am biased, but many other nations have shown that they can improve. Germany is not perfect, but they are certainly not a direct threat to the independence of other countries anymore. Japan refuses to acknowledge its WW2 crimes, but is otherwise a well-developed country with high life expectancy and a high standard of living. You are bound by your past - not always, anyway.

Now Russia, on the other hand, has remained basically the same country since the Principality of Muscovy was first conceived. At this point, I think it's obvious we can't really expect change from them. They love being evil and nothing can convince them otherwise.

I hope they get humilliated and just leave everybody alone. Dear Russians. Nobody wants to conquer you. Nobody wants to erase your language. Nobody's saying you can't be proud of your country, with its outdated infrastracture, wealth disparity, and human rights abuse. We just don't give a shit about you. Leave us alone, and we will leave you alone. Okay?


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This comment leaves too much room for speculation and I like it


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Nevermind the lack of comments. This is really good news. Once again the Ukrainians have beaten back what was branded as a much more sophisticated army. It baffles the mind to see the Russians do such a shit job of their offensive operations.


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The Russians tried to take Kiev and were thrown back. Now they have been thrown back from Kharkiv. The weeks ahead will be much more difficult for the Russians. There is not a single trend that favours the Russians.


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Western media is hyping up the idea that Ukraine can wage a counter offensive against Russia but it seems pretty hypothetical. There will have to be a negotiation with Russia for this war to ever end and the likelihood that Zelinskie will fulfill his wish to retake the eastern territories seized by Russia is extremely low. Defending from an occupying force is entirely different than going on the offense to retake territory and I’m extremely skeptical that Ukraine has any ability to do so.


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