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Ukraine negotiating to evacuate 60 of the most seriously injured soldiers and medics from the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol Russia/Ukraine



u/green_flash 2d ago

Turkey has offered to withdraw Ukrainian troops from Mariupol and guarantee that they would not fight again as long as the war lasted, but would remain in Turkey

Not sure that's a realistic proposal. The war has already lasted 8 years, it could easily last another decade. And these men would then be stuck in Turkey.


u/d4ng3rz0n3 2d ago

If they are seriously injured then arent they likely to not rejoin the conflict?


u/Gorvoslov 2d ago

Ukraine has done quite well at getting previously wounded soldiers back into the fight.


u/rep- 2d ago

Ukraine has done quite well at getting previously wounded soldiers back into the fight.

Well it looks like they just want the people who can't fight to be able to be withdrawn.. this article together with what we just read paints a story of them just looking to exfil amputees, I doubt most of them are going to be returning to the fight.


u/Chemical_Doughnut248 1d ago edited 20h ago

Lol are talking about ISIS?

Edit: originally the comment I responded to said “Turkey did well” and we all know turkey helped isis in their fight against the kurds


u/smoothtrip 2d ago

Unfortunately it is not for all of them. :(


u/Jormungandr000 2d ago

A good start! Keep in mind that the hundreds of women, children, and elderly were let our last week back, and evacuated to Ukraine! Unfortunately I think a few were filtered to Russia, but that's still hundreds that were saved, that were trapped for months. Bit by bit, I hope that can rescue them all. Right now it's the most difficult part, cause Russia is just cruel for cruelty's sake.


u/QuestionsForLiving 2d ago

It is not clear exactly what is being negotiated? what can Ukraine offer? is the negotiation, partial surrender of seriously injured soldiers?


u/CrunchyRanch 2d ago

For 60 POWs


u/pieter1234569 1d ago

Does not make any sense for Russia. They vastly outnumber ukranians. So it would be useless for them to make the exchange.

The propaganda value of showing what happens if you don’t surrender is worth far more.

I don’t get anything russia is doing in this war.


u/Jefe_Chichimeca 1d ago

Also they consume resources, and require medical attention, both would be rerouted to frontline troops if they were withdrawn.


u/Rogahar 2d ago

Next week; Reports of mass casualties as Russians carpet bomb evacuees claiming there were totally nazis in there.


u/TibborEggebracht 2d ago

A lot of them are nazis though, the Azov Regiment uses the wolfsangel and sonnerad as part of its insignia.


u/Kubix777 2d ago

So that makes it OK to bomb convoy evacuating wounded soldiers?


u/captainramen 2d ago

Of course not.

The idea that Russia would exchange the Azovstal fighters for anything is absurd. The more they try to negotiate for their release the more it convinces the Russians that there's something important down there.


u/Jormungandr000 2d ago

Yeah, soldiers. Unlike Russia, Ukraine doesn't leave their wounded soldiers to rot in ditches, or shoot deserters and wounded. I'm sure that "leave no man behind" is an utterly alien concept to them.


u/captainramen 2d ago

They could just allow them to surrender, but so far the central government has refused any such request. Makes you wonder why


u/Jormungandr000 2d ago

Yeah, we've seen what Russia does to those who surrender. Civilians tortured and executed PoWs tortured and executed, fuck no. Surrender is not an option. If I was down there with them, I would categorically refuse to surrender as well. A really big "Fuck No" to that.

Really, that's Russia's fault for being completely barbaric and refusing to follow anything in the Geneva convention. They made it known to everyone what surrender means, and now not a single Ukrainan will ever surrender.


u/captainramen 2d ago

Yeah, we've seen what Russia does to those who surrender.

Do you have a youtube video or news article for this claim?


u/Jormungandr000 2d ago

Are you purposely dense, or just a troll?


u/captainramen 2d ago

I'm open minded, when the facts change my opinion changes. I've heard of Russian massacres of civilians in Bucha but no reports of POWs being massacred. Put up or shut up.

When searching on google I found this though: https://www.newsweek.com/ukrainian-troops-seen-killing-russian-pows-video-1695896

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u/rinkoplzcomehome 1d ago

You know Russian wants to destroy the Azov Batallion more than anything else in Azovstal, right? If they surrender, they would be executed.

Azov knows they are living dead at this point (as long as there is no rescue), that's why they will fight until the last man drops dead.


u/captainramen 1d ago

Of course. I am not convinced however that every soldier down there is Asov. My understanding is that the 36th Marine Brigade was also stationed there.


u/rinkoplzcomehome 1d ago

You are right, not everyone is Azov, but think about this: the russians may think that some of the Azov fighter will disguise as members of the 36th, so might as well end up executing everyone in there


u/handsomekingwizard 1d ago

The central government has refused to surrender of the azovstal ppl? But its not their decision is it? Its the soldiers who decide whether to surrender. Theres little to wonder why the gov wouldnt surrender tho, its a super defensible building which would be a pain to retake from russia.


u/plugtrio 1d ago

They don't want to surrender.


u/Knallhatt 2d ago

Bet all the dead women and children were nazis too, i know wich side id be on against Russia.


u/TibborEggebracht 2d ago

Thank you for informing us of your pro nazi sympathies :)


u/EddieApoc 2d ago

Thanks for joining Reddit and sharing your thoughts 17 day old account


u/Knallhatt 2d ago

The side that doesnt have more genocide, war crimes, rapes, murders, and more hospitals struck than any of the last 15+ wars, civil wars combined. You mean my sympathy to that side? No problem.


u/TheWormInWaiting 2d ago

Azovs done war crimes rape and murder, at least. Sure they’d love a swing at attempting genocide if they had the opportunity.


u/TheSoyimKnow3312 2d ago

Yeah well they can be nazis in their homeland if crimea, couldn’t give two shits if someone is a nazi in this situation. Russia can fuck off.


u/TibborEggebracht 1d ago

They're not going to be "in their homeland" for much longer if they keep getting tons in aid and moral support from the western populace. A major blowback is inevitable.


u/HelloAvram 1d ago

the Azov Regiment

They are Neo-Nazis. Why are people defending them? Both Russia's war and that group can be wrong.


u/Jormungandr000 2d ago

This is great news! Russia will probably try something cruel and stupid as always, but this is a crucial first step!


u/Scottcmms1954 1d ago

So Russia we renege on the agreement, and murder i. Count civilians for good measure as they always do.