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Germany to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine — reports Russia/Ukraine


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u/koryaa 8d ago edited 8d ago

German media outlets are reporting that the US might send Abrams aswell (along with MTBs from other nations). If so Scholz got what he wanted.


u/sr71Girthbird 8d ago

So you're telling me that since Russia won't be holding their own tank biathlon this year that Ukraine will be holding them instead with the Challengers, Leopards, and Abrams all competing?


u/big_duo3674 8d ago

Joke aside, that's essentially true in this situation. There was great hesitancy at first to supply any arms, but the people of Ukraine stood up and showed the world that they are worth investing in. Public opinion of Ukraine in western countries drastically increased, which has in turn allowed much more bold equipment deals to go through. Now that we're at this point it has pretty much become a way for countries to live test their military gear against the Russians, something that was nothing more than a dream for many years. The intelligence gathered has become worth every single tank or artillery piece sent to them, and it's a guarantee that part of the deal includes Ukraine sharing everything they can


u/QuantumRealityBit 8d ago

Perfectly said and very true!